What sports nutrition is better for drying the body
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What sports nutrition is better for drying the body for girls and men?

Greetings to all – readers, subscribers and just random guests of my blog. If you are interested, today’s article is devoted to sports nutrition for body drying for girls and for men. Yes, there are some differences between the nutrition of girls and men, so I will try to highlight them as much as possible.

After the man has already gained enough mass, and the girl on the contrary dropped the bulk of excess weight (there are still some deposits under the skin), what will be the next step? Maintaining a form? A good option. But it would not be better, so to say, “dry out” – to minimize the remaining subcutaneous fat, in order to increase the relief and detail of the muscles?


sports nutrition for drying


It is about drying, or rather, about the appropriate nutrition will be discussed below. No matter how hard you try to work in the hall, no matter how much work you do, you will not be able to lose weight without changing your diet. Namely: reduce the intake of carbohydrates and fats. And, I want to tell you, cut down considerably. What then to eat? Try a protein diet or start, finally, use sports supplements – they will become irreplaceable helpers when drying.





A feature of the female body is that it quickly recovers the fatty layer and slows it down – this is due to the physiology of the body, genes and diet.

Therefore, in this case it is necessary to act radically, but still with an eye for one’s health. For girls, I can advise fat burners, which will quickly and qualitatively improve the relief.

But do not think that fat burners will do everything themselves, it is only to accept them. No, by accepting them, you need to “work hard” in training, in another way you will not say.

There are three types of fat burners. I would advise you to start with so-called thermogenics. About other less stressful additives for girls it will be discussed below.


Most guys tend to quickly lose weight with due diligence, even if you are a fat person – no offense, I say directly. Therefore, of course, you can use fat burners, like girls, but it’s better to resort to a less radical remedy, L-carnitine.

This additive can be as a part of any other additive, and in its pure form. L-carnitine also has different forms. The most effective is liquid. The principle of operation is that it simply oxidizes fats (breaks them down), and the released energy is used by the body to work “with iron” without affecting the muscle tissue.




Why should it affect the muscles? Good question. Fat deposits are like an extreme reserve, used only in extreme cases, with prolonged hunger strike.

Before you start to reduce this reserve, the body first will bring the muscles to a critical point, that is, simply “eat” them to survive. To prevent this from happening, even if you are not going to starve, use L-carnitine.

What sports supplements do not need to use when drying

Gainers. Have you heard of such? This is a protein-carbohydrate mixture. But we have to cut down the intake of carbohydrates with you, so it’s strictly forbidden to use the geyners when specifying the muscles.

Yes, they are high-carbohydrate and high-protein, but still there are many carbohydrates, despite the large amount of protein. Therefore, the reception of the geyner during drying, whatever it is, will be a gross error.

So, let me remind you for a change, that during drying you should work with small scales and do a large number of approaches (5 – 7) and repetitions (15 – 25) in each exercise. A signal that you are working correctly should be a burning sensation in the muscles.

For girls

When using a protein diet, an excellent solution will be the use of soy protein. It will nourish your muscles, not giving the body materials for the accumulation of subcutaneous fat, and these are the same carbohydrates.

As well as guys, I can advise girls to take l-carnitine, an additive that helps increase energy and accelerate the transport of proteins to cells. You can work longer in training, and, therefore, more burn calories.

Have you ever twitched in a dream? This phenomenon is very common after long loads. Therefore, vitamin-mineral complexes, dear girls, will help you to solve this problem.


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For men

Just like girls, men can use protein, but with the only difference is that it must be multicomponent or at least serum. Soy is not so much useful (I think men will understand me).


fat burners


But even better solution would be the purchase of essential amino acids (BCAA). What are essential amino acids? These are the amino acids that our body can not synthesize on its own. As a rule, there are three. This supplement protects muscles from catabolism, which causes the body to use fat as an energy source.

Not bad decision, as in the case of girls, would be the acquisition of l-carnitine, and at the same time, vitamins. In any case, it will not cause harm, and positive impact will affect in any case.

As we see, a set of sports nutrition for girls and men is different, and for that there are reasons.

I was glad to tell you about sports nutrition for body drying for men and women. If there are questions – ask, I will answer all. And in gratitude for the detailed information, I ask you to share this article with your friends on social networks. I wish everyone success, both in life and in the world of sports.