We swing bottom at home correctly
How to pump up muscles?

We swing bottom at home correctly

Hi, dear subscribers and dear readers. Today I would like to acquaint you with how it is correct to swing bottom in house conditions that for this purpose it will be required and that you as a result receive. I think, it is time to begin.


gluteus muscle


Home conditions, or rather, occupations at home, are really specific, because not only is the area for “maneuvers” limited to the interior of the home, so also sports equipment in short supply. I would even say – in acute deficit. Therefore, for those who want to tighten their ass and have slender legs, I’ll tell you how to do it all at home, using either a minimal set of sports equipment, or even using improvised means.




How the gluteal muscles work

In order to understand the work of the gluteus maximus muscles, we will resort to a course of literature on anatomy.

So, in the ordinary state, when we simply stand, the gluteal muscles support the whole body in the right (upright) position. When leaning forward, these muscles, or rather their upper section, also support the entire body, by pulling the pelvis back. And, if necessary, bend the legs in the hip joints, the large gluteal muscles (lower section) perform this function. This is simplistic.

During the work of the legs (sit-ups, deadlifts, jumps, bench presses on the hack machine, etc.), the gluteal muscles work in tandem (together) with other large muscles of the legs and trunk – quadriceps, hamstrings, lumbar muscles, press.

Why do I say “big gluteus muscle”? You are right, there are several of them – as many as three. But the “lion’s share” of the load during exercise falls precisely on the large buttocks. And they are responsible for the posture, attractiveness (convexity, form) of all priests. Therefore, I am generalizing and saying.

In short, all the movements associated with the hip joints are due to the priests muscles. But the movements are not only due to the gluteal muscles, these muscles are “one of”.

How to pump up bottom at home

For a start you will need to get couple folding dumbbell by means of which you will be able to increase or reduce loadings.


squats with weight


If at all there is no opportunity to get them (to lend, buy), excellent substitute will be to five – or six-liter gallons from under usual drinking water. At the beginning you can fill them with water, and already at advanced stage when you are involved in trainings, and there will already be not enough operating loading, can fill up inside sand. It is heavier. Yes, similar make-shifts dimensional, but cheap.

You will also need a skipping rope – you should not have any problems with it. If the pair of dumbbells is, say, normal, then in comparison with them the rope is a “drop in the ocean”.

Let us pass directly to the exercises that promote the pumping of priests. But, as you have already understood, the booty will not be limited to one thing: the trailer, the lower back and the lower section of the press will go.

Training program

1. Squats with weight

The weighting agent can be placed in different ways: holding in loose hands or putting it on your upper back (trapezoid). In any of the options, you crouch so that the priest falls below the level of the knees. Not much, but lower.

Weight in this case should not touch the floor, if it’s gallons, and you hold them in your hands. The back is straight, the sight is directed forward and upward. Feet on shoulder width and look forward. Over time, you can change the width of the setting of the legs, and also increase the weight of the weights so that there is progress.

2. Squats near the wall

I warn you in advance, the exercise is difficult, and its implementation can cause difficulties. It is necessary to find a section of the wall where it will be more or less “slippery” so that you can fidget on it with your back. So, stand with your back to the wall closely, and your legs take out 30 – 40 cm ahead. Put the feet together. Begin crouching without taking your back off the wall. Similarly, go back to the starting position. Exercise is difficult, but perfectly develops the buttocks.

If there is no such wall, take the ball and lean against the wall and crouch so that it rolls on the back.

3. Lunge with weight

Hold the weight in your hands and do Deep lunge forward with either foot. The second one should not touch the floor with the knee. Return the leg back. Do the same with the other leg.

Drops can be performed on the spot or moving around the room. With the second option, you do not return the front leg, but substitute the back foot for it. Over time, increase the intensity of this exercise (do it faster).

4. Jumping out of place

Make a squat, lowering your hips to a position parallel to the floor. Then strongly push away from the floor, unbending the legs in all joints, and jump to a height of 25 – 30 cm. If in the future, the load is no longer enough, then perform the same jumping from the rolls from the back. You will see, you will like it.

5. Romanian traction with weight or leans forward

In loose hands you have weighting. Put your feet shoulder width apart, socks straight. The back is bent, the knees are slightly bent and fixed, and the head is directed forward. Perform extension of the trunk until it is fully straightened, and then return to its original position. You can vary the width of the setting of the legs. Experiment which “comes in” better.

6. Jumping on the rope

Jump on the rope for at least 5 minutes per workout. But not on straight legs, but on slightly bent. Over time, you can bend your legs lower and lower, reaching almost to squat. Tried to jump in the squatter? It’s difficult, but effective.

If it does not work out, try jumping back and forth, from side to side on both feet or from one to the other. On two in a circle or on a square. And try to make alternate attacks when jumping rope. They are not too wide, but your muscles will surprise you.

7. Squats on one leg

Become one foot on a solid hill at least 25 cm. The second will be over the “abyss”. Do squats on one leg. After change the position of the legs. At runtime, you can hold one hand for anything, but do not help yourself in this way. Do an exercise without burdening – and it will be so hard.

Exercise from the complex perform at least 8 and not more than 12 times (if you get more – increase the weight of the weighting). In total, each exercise should have 4 sets (more can be done, less). Complete the exercise with the press exercises.


squats on one leg


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Performing the above exercises, you will no longer be wondering how to properly pump the ass at home. Here are the most popular and effective. For any questions, please contact us in the comments. And I’m telling you “Until new meetings”. Subscribe to updates, share the article. All the best.