How to take creatine monohydrate in powder
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How to take creatine monohydrate in powder?

Greetings to everyone, dear friends. With you again I am, and this is my personal blog, from which you will today learn how to take creatine monohydrate in powder, than differs from other types of creatine and forms. And in general, everything that is related to creatine, I will try to tell you as much as possible.


creatine monohydrate


If you want me to call you a universal supplement for gaining weight, developing strength and endurance, reducing subcutaneous fat in the body, then this will be uniquely creatine, and not just any, namely monohydrate and it is in powder form.




Why monohydrate?

Yes, because only this type of creatine (in contrast to hydrochloride) is the most effective in calculating the amount of additive taken, the cost and the effect. I will not be the first and not the last one to compare these two types of creatine, but in any case I will come to the same opinion that the majority – creatine monohydrate is several times better than creatine hydrochloride.

Yes, the second type dissolves in water and does not settle on the teeth, like sand, for example. But this substance quality was achieved by excluding some of its positive aspects, for example, the ability to quickly accumulate in the muscles without an obligatory loading phase. Do you know what the download phase is and what is it for? No? Then keep reading the article, and I will definitely talk about it.

Why the powder?

Again, the information in the network about this is not that the sea – the ocean. Powder form is the most successful in comparison with the same tablet form. Yes, in the tablets (or capsules) the dose (portion) of the sports supplement is strictly defined, but to compress the creatine you need equipment, energy for the work of equipment, human labor and many other things, for which you will eventually pay out of your pocket. So, in any scenario, creatine in powder leaves cheaper than creatine in tablets by several tens of percent (by about 30%).


creatine in powder


But I note at once that the powder powder is different: this sports supplement can be ordinary, medium, milling, or fine. The difference in price in both cases is not important.


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How to use

If we are talking about monohydrate in powder from the very beginning, I will only talk about its reception, without touching other forms and types of this sports supplement.

As I said, this form does not require an obligatory download phase.

The loading phase is a relatively short period of time when the sports supplement is taken in increased doses in order to fill the muscles with creatine as quickly as possible for their maximum productivity (efficiency, strength, endurance).

Usually the phase of creatine loading lasts about a week, after which the usual mode of taking this kind of sports nutrition comes – almost two weeks. Also there is (but it is not necessary for this kind of) unloading phase, where the portions of the drug are reduced from the usual regime by 50% – 3-4 days. Then comes a week-long interruption of creatine intake to purify the body and prevent the formation of so-called stones in the organs. After passing this cycle, you can start all over again. This method of admission lasts one month, taking into account the week for rest from the drug.

But there is a second method of reception, in which the phase of loading from unloading is not needed, which gives another advantage to monohydrate over the hydrochloride. Usually, in this situation, you immediately go into normal mode and eat creatine for three weeks. In the end, there is always a week of rest.

At the first way of reception in a phase of loading you should accept 7 – 8 gram four times a day. Total amount per day: 28 – 32 grams (I will say at once – this is a lot). The usual regime is four times a day for 5 grams (a teaspoon). Total amount per day: 20 grams. This is optimal. The unloading phase is 2-3 grams three times a day. Total amount per day: 6-9 grams.

In the second method of reception, as I have already said, we omit both phases and immediately pass to “manual control” – the usual mode, as in the first case. All these data – this is how the reception of creatine should ideally look. But you can use the economical option.


how to eat creatine


Under the economical option, I mean the intake of creatine not 4 times a day, but only two 5 grams each. So you will save money for sports nutrition, but somewhat slow down your own results.

Interesting fact

Creatine itself is in all of us in the muscles in certain quantities. An unprepared person does not have much of it, while engaged in power and other loads – more. Therefore, an experienced athlete can work more and more with projectiles than a beginner.

During the exercise, creatine in muscle is consumed, and during rest between approaches and exercises – partially restored. This is one of the factors of muscle strength and fatigue.

That is, “pouring” the muscles with creatine, you yourself adjust your body for a long work, which subsequently affects the increase in strength, weight and endurance, or reduces the percentage of subcutaneous fat in the body.

I hope you liked the article, but also, I hope that it caused you some questions. So ask them in the comments. Do not be shy.

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