How to take fish oil

How to take fish oil? Benefits and harms of fish oil

Are you into sports? Perhaps you are finding several ways to improve and enhance your body. Are you prone to getting fat and looking for some methods to maintain your current weight in a normal state? Are you the type of person who often gets sick and wanting to build the immune system for a better, stronger, and healthier body? This article is best for you!

From this article, we will talk about so many this particularly about fish oil and its benefits and harm. Also, how we could make it as a remedy. If you ever heard of it, most likely, you might get interested in knowing some interesting information about it.

Let’s begin by asking you what fish oil is useful for your health and what we should recommend. We will figure out if it is effective for losing weight. Moreover, we will focus on why athletes are advised to take this remedy often that makes it more worthwhile for their performance.

Perhaps, this could help you to promote your health as well as to children by knowing how to take it and if there are any harmful receptions. We will emphasize all as the discussion goes.


benefits of fish oil

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History of fish oil

In the 1960s, there is a Danish man who was studying in Greenland then got surprised when he knew how essential fish oil is. Professor Hans Olaf Bang and Dr. Dyerberg, two Dane experts, were intrigued about the controversy they heard from such substance until they had to further study about this particular on Inuits who have oil found in their blood. Up to some extent, they had some research output that tells that Inuits’ blood contains favorable lipids compare to others. This made sense to them and began to study further things about it.

Furthermore, there were times when fish oil was widely distributed in the Soviet Union. Kids and children of kindergarten age were used to treat by this phenomenal remedy. People believe that the growing generations should be strong that is supposed to build their country in communism. Maybe some of you relative will still remember a thing about that past and the older one will recall the opposite taste of this drug.

This known substance is a liquid fat content. His origin is an animal. In general, animal fats are known for their density and acid content. But the substance, which is now in question, was the real exception. Its composition is similar to vegetable fats. It has the most unsaturated acids. That’s why he was brought to the list of pharmacy products, for bodybuilding. He is very popular in this field.

Fish oil form is a liquid fat mainly because it is originated from the animals. In general, animal fats are widely known to be dense and acidic. Besides, this makes a real exception to others for its composition is similar to the fats of vegetables. It contains the most unsaturated acids that made it become part of the pharmaceutical companies’ medicinal ingredient for bodybuilding. Hence became popular in this field.

In comparison with other fats, this oil consists of two components, namely: fatty acids and impurities.

Other impurities could be used as vitamins and minerals for the human body. These could be found in vegetable and animal fat – these impurities could dissolve fats completely.

use of fish oil

Our substance particularly the fish oil has many components such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 that are very important for the human body and cannot be produced by our body itself. In short, it is so important for our health.

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Benefit and harm

Omega-3 contains EPA and DHA that are known to be essential acids for the human body. Omega-3 contains linoleic acid while the other one, Omega-6, contains arachidonic acid. These both have essential benefits to every one of us. These acids are known to be responsible for regulating several body functions, such as:

  • Helps the kidney and brain to function well
  • It can strengthen the immunity of a person
  • Hair, skin, and nail conditioning
  • Fetal growth during pregnancy

Moreover, the said acids are found to be helpful for people to cope with psychological stress, depression, and overexcitation as they contribute to the recovery of the nervous system.

Indeed, these substances found in fish oil is irreplaceable for athletes as it provides DHA and EPA for the maintenance and continuous building of body muscles.

At this point, we want you to know that if you take 1000mg of fish oil daily, you could get 400 mg of EPA and 200 mg of DHA. Meaning, if you will have that amount, your body will devise to make your bones strong, thus, your knee will have increased performance.In our remedy there are also a lot of vitamins, minerals and microelements, like:

  1. Selenium
  2. Phosphorus
  3. Iodine
  4. Iron
  5. zinc

For sure, you were enlightened about the benefits and various uses of the said substance. Have you figured out if such substances lead to harm? We say it yes as bad for some people if it is used and taken improperly. There are some contraindications, such as:

  • With thyroid disease;
  • Intolerance of some components;
  • With stomach and bowel disease.

If you do not experience any of them mention problems, you could now decide whether to take or not to take such substance. It is in your knowledge and own need if you will get have potential reactions to your body which reflects each dosage..

We should not look only at the positive side when taking such substances. Besides, taking these fatty acids specifically the Omega-3 may even harm you or cause some externalities. You should take note that, you should not take more than 3 grams daily to avoid problems like nausea, stomach aching, bad breath, loose stool, etc. Overdosage of Omega-3 may also cause the risk of bleeding.

Mode of application

During the year 1970, the sale of fish oil in the market had stopped, thus, simple prevention of health problems also ceased. The reason behind this is that the technology for the production began to represent the draining of fat from fish wastes until people found out that there are toxins involved in this process.

Most of these toxins are from such wastes. So we would advise you not to eat products with such toxins like from the liver, etc. From then on, things got changed and it became more harmful substance as in continuously accumulating in the liver of the fish that are found to be worse than before.

Aside from the vitamins that we could get in the liver, we highly suggest that you should not buy such. You should buy products from meat which has less bad impurities. Moreover, you should strictly have refined fat in your body as it will keep you away from the presence of harmful impurities. Then when it comes to obtaining minerals and vitamins, we advise you to get it from fruits and vegetables. So eating apples a day would be better for you, right?

When you are eating or buying various food, you better look for the amount of EPA and DHA you could get because it will determine your health. The more you have EPA and DHA in a certain product, the more it will cost you but would certainly be good for your overall health. You may opt to take a capsule if you have a hard time taking different products. A quality capsule tastes not bitter.

Although we do not set some recommendations in terms of taking such substance. However set you to only have a specific amount of Omega-3, EPA, and DHA. In the combination of EPA and DHA, you should only have a total of 250 to 500 mg daily. When buying food, always to make sure to know the amount of EPA and DHA is provided. Usually, 1000 mg of fish has around 300 of combined EPA and DHA.

harms of fish oil


Now we learned new things about fish oil especially its benefits and harm. So you know that this could be essential for your overall health but, of course, should be cautious every time. Since fish oil has EPA and DHA, it may be useful in fighting heart risk and make you have good circulation of blood. We could say that if you are trying to make yourself healthier, therefore, take some amount of it. There are some instances that having could lead to harm, however, could be in exceptional cases. Bear in mind that not all products you can get in the market have a sufficiently good amount of essential substances, others are toxic.

At this point, I am going to say goodbye. May you have enjoyment while learning. Make sure to subscribe and leave a comment as well. You might as well share this article to your friend if you think this could be helpful for them.


  1. How much dosage or amount should I only have daily from encapsulated fish oil? – According to some experts, they recommend only 3mg of fish oil daily for that kind.
  2. How much fish oil should we take daily if it is from a natural source? – There is no such limit for this. But when eating you should consider the EPA and DHA content – you should only have 250 – 500 mg daily when combined.
  3. How to fish oil help us lose weight? – Since fish oil has Omega-3, it will help your body to have an increased rate of metabolism, hence, your fats and calories will be burned down at a continuous rate.
  4. How long does Omega-3 take for it to work? – It could take at least 3 months to saturate your cells with this substance.