benefits of Scandinavian walk with sticks

Technique and benefits of Scandinavian walk with sticks

Hi, everyone! I just want to tell you that I saw a man that stumbles walking down the street with his unusual sticks. Sometimes, we see such people using that kind of equipment but we do not pay attention to them. They practically use it for their new hobby since the time they have found out that it could be. So, it leads us to the topic of the technique and benefits of a Scandinavian walk with a stick.

scandinavian walk benefits

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The history of walking.

If you think that this sport was invented by the people of Scandinavia, you are probably wrong about it. Finnish people took part in the creation of this unusual kind of walking. Since then, professional sportsmen of ice skiing became engage in this.

While backpackers, skiers, and trekkers walk to a destination with this kind of concept, on 1979 Maui Repo published “Hiihdon lajiosa” which soon gave a formal definition on this kind of walking. Some concept of development started on the basis of off-season ski-training activity.

On this kind of activity, just like a normal ski ride, players move through the air of sticks. They practically do such sport at any time of the year with or without the presence of ice or snow. They just basically move independently along a certain road while holding the sticks on both hands.

Why do you think a person should keep on training daily in contrast to the skiers? Maybe for them, it is the hardest to do because they even need to improve their walking skills while in the streets. Walking in the street that has warm weather and the bright sun is much difficult compare to the winter season. This becomes an artificial training season for them which they have to adapt to.

In Finland, this popular walk takes part in their culture particularly in sports. Although in other countries, this kind of activity is only used for improvement and rehabilitation of ones’ motor problems.

scandinavian walk technique

Since the twentieth century, this sport became popular and was introduced to the entire country. Even on the streets, people observed doing this even on asphalts perhaps became customary. Through time, several techniques and improvements have been developing for this sport. Besides, people began to use it as an instrument for treating various kinds of diseases, particularly on the motor aspect. The development in the medical industry still proceeds where new information arises from such exercise that is useful for the treatment of children.

Way back eighties, the attempt on the declaration of this activity as a new sport was made. Although some promotions were not successfully made, as in that society, people found it to be a waste of time and effort.

But today, all the things about the past were just a part of history as it continues to gaining popularity around the world.

What is Scandinavian walking with sticks?

It is a physical activity where regular walking is modified. The concept of walking for this sport was turned into a somehow more challenging activity wherein the active use of special sticks are required to maintain the posture, biomechanical, naturally-correct walking.

The Scandinavian walking with sticks or some people called it as Nordic walking is a new unusual sport that requires you to just walk with the help of sticks. The sticks used in this sport resembles the ski equipment; it serves as the supporting tool during a walk.

Nowadays, this sport is commonly used for recreational, physical education, and therapeutic purposes. It is very essential for some athletes’ recovery after severe injuries, perhaps it helps to attain basic functioning of damage and fractured joints. Some problems associated with the malfunction of the human musculoskeletal system can be remedied by such exercise.

The benefit of walking with sticks

The development of this kind of sport is worth mentioning because some German doctors researched about it. Perhaps they proved to the world that this kind of walking is unique and has an exceptional healing ability against some human disease. Moreover, the Pilates system is ideal for such health problems.

When you are walking with this kind of method, the brachial and dorsal muscles in your body takes a huge part. Those muscles got strengthened through time while also avoiding you having problems on the back (e.g. scoliosis).

We want you to notice that an ordinary run has less involvement of muscles compared to Scandinavian walking.

Modern scientist of these days carried out some calculations that tell you that walking with sticks have more than 90% participation of body muscles compared with ordinary walking (they found out that it is only 70%) which involves lesser amount.

Indeed, this kind of walking has a significance for human bones. With the use of the sticks, the entire load on your knee and joints were partially reduced. Perhaps some people do this kind of walking to treat bone diseases as well as for the potential improvement of performance in sports. Walking with sticks is also essential for gout and calcaneal spurs.

Moreover, most people do not know that such exercise can help you reduce the fats and calories within your body. Hence, it is advisable for those people who wanted to reduce their weight and to those who facing overweight problems.

In addition, performing this exercise may help you reduce the hearth risks by allowing your system to stabilize the blood pressure. Strengthening the heart and walls of the vessels will also take place.

Lastly, compared to conventional walking, Scandinavian walking will make you gain additional muscle strength in both the lower and upper part of your body thus you will become more fit and strong. Experts proved that Scandinavian walking helps you increase your cardio-respiratory endurance because it consumes about 46% more of your energy soon help you healthier when endured.

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Health practitioners advise people with poor posture and curved spine to keep on practicing this sport. It will be necessary for those who experience suffering to the ridge. Also, we advise you to gradually perform such exercise to attain the stability of motor abilities faster.

Since walking is more upper parts of the muscles, it is impossible to note the benefit of walking for the condition of the lungs. With regular classes, their volume can increase to almost thirty percent.

There are some experiments and studies that showed that people who actively participating with such exercise daily will likely have a low risk of excessive cholesterol in the blood. The bowel condition gets improved, even the stomach as well. The basic metabolic processes of the body will be adjusted then will result to have better well-being and excellent mood. In addition, their physical appearance may look younger.

In Germany, this sport is an indispensable element of any rehabilitation program. For example, patients who undergo surgery to replace hip joints after a month of active activities can begin to move without help and return to the usual rhythm of life.

In Germany, people believe that this sport is an indispensable element of any rehabilitation program. For example, if someone has undergone a surgery that involved the replacement of hip joints – after a series of doing this exercise, he or she may start to move and life will be back to normal.

Scandinavian walking can be used to treat the following diseases:

  • Scoliosis and bone-related problems
  • Bronchial asthma.
  • Severe pain in back and waist, shoulders and neck.
  • Problems with arterial pressure.
  • Depressive states and neuroses.
  • Sleeping problem
  • Excess weight on the body.

There are practically no contraindications for classes. The main thing is to consult your doctor in order to clarify the amount of exercise that will work for your body.

Correct execution technique

The technique of walking that is involve with this kind is very simple to understand by everyone. You should know that the most important thing about this also with other sports is that you should not rush doing it rather take it slowly or step-by-step.

Walking typically begins with the forwarding of the heel then goes back straight to the sock. At the same time, it is better to make your walking slow and do not make any sudden movements.

In everything we do in life, we all know that the first steps are very important and should be done correctly. This applies to Scandinavian walking. Your one arm needs to be bent slightly in the elbow the pull it forward. The other arm should be bent positional at the level of pelvic boned that is slightly retracted.

This exercise must be done in a faster manner or simply you have to walk a bit faster compared to conventional walking. The amplitudes will be solely dictated by the weight of your body and hand movement. Doing it faster, the greater the load will be done on all the muscles of you body.


The Scandinavian walking with the sticks is way similar to conventional walking. The thing is that this modified kind of walking requires you to use a pair of special sticks that you use for walking. When in a hurry situation, in conventional walking, you could do faster pacing but not with this type of walking. Everyone should take the normal speed of pace at a regular length.

Doing the correct execution may lead you to your safest desired destination while gaining endurance, strength, muscle volume, and bone performance through time. It will improve not only your physique but also boosts up your physiological condition.

Do not get scared to take a tour ahead of your present time. This kind of walking with sticks will make your life diverse by fostering stronger, and healthier well-being.

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  1. Can we do Scandinavian walking even anywhere? – Yes. You can do it anywhere but we advise you to do it in not-so-rugged terrain to avoid slip or injuries.
  2. Does it have any negative impacts on my body? – None, if you are a completely healthy person with no diseases on bones, joints, muscles, etc. But if not, it might trigger any further disease related to those mentioned (e.g. if you have scoliosis, it might get worse if mishandled).
  3. Do you recommend Nordic walking with sticks to oldies? – We highly recommend it as long as they could walk and follow the prescribed correct execution technique. Note that you have to guide them.