benefits of Scandinavian walk with sticks

Technique and benefits of Scandinavian walk with sticks

Today, stumbling upon a man who walks down the street with unusual sticks is pretty usual. All around them practically do not pay any attention to them. After all, these people have found a new hobby for themselves, which is only gaining momentum and is called Nordic walking with sticks.


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The history of walking

If you think that this sport was invented by the Scandinavians, then you are deeply mistaken. The Finns also took part in creating an unusual kind of walking. They were mainly professional sportsmen, who were engaged in skiing.

This lesson followed from a normal ski ride. Only in this case, movement with the help of sticks occurs at any time of the year, there is not necessarily the presence of snow or ice. The person moves independently along the road, holding his body with small sticks on both sides.

Actually, why did walking appear? Undoubtedly, every athlete needs to train daily. But to whom, as not to skiers, this is the hardest thing to do. Here they also have thought up to improve the skills even when in the street there is a warm weather and the bright sun shines. They kind of created artificial conditions for training. And in the end, that’s what happened.

The most popular this walk has got in Finland, that’s why it got such a name. Although in other countries, this method of movement is used as the main method of rehabilitation of people who have experienced motor problems.


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Already since the twentieth century, this sport was introduced into the population of Finland. On the streets, it became customary to observe people who moved along the asphalt with the help of ski poles. Over time, certain techniques and types of movement began to be described, which were aimed at treating certain types of diseases. There was new information about the use of this type of walking for the treatment of children.

Attempts to declare a new sport were back in the eighties, then the promotion was not crowned with success, as modern society found this occupation a waste of time and energy.

But today this sport is gaining popularity and is gaining more and more fans who live around the world.

What is Scandinavian walking with sticks?

Scandinavian or Nordic walking with sticks is a new unusual sport that consists of walking walks. During which the person supports his own body from two sides with sticks, which to some extent resemble ski equipment.

Today this sport is often used for the purposes of therapeutic and recreational physical education. It helps to recover athletes after severe injuries, in particular damage to joints, fractures. And also the problems that are associated with the malfunctioning of the human musculoskeletal system.

In 1997 this sport was patented by the Finn M. Kantan. It was he who gave her the name “Scandinavian or Nordic walking with sticks”, which to this day remains unchanged.

The benefit of walking with sticks

It should be mentioned that in the development of this type of walking, the research of German doctors was made. It was they who proved to the whole world that northern walking is unique and has healing effects for combating various human diseases. Also for people with health problems, the Pilates system is ideal.

During walking, the active part is taken by the dorsal and brachial muscles. They not only strengthen, but also allow to avoid problems with health of a back (a scoliosis, a stretching of muscles and another).

Even if we cite an ordinary run as an example, when performing it in the movement of a person, there will be much less muscle involved than with Scandinavian walking.

Modern scientists carried out calculations, according to which it became known that when walking with sticks, more than ninety percent of all the muscles of the body are involved, and in ordinary walking – only seventy percent. Agree, because there is a difference.



Also, this kind of walking is useful for human bones. With the support of sticks, the load on the knee and heel joints is significantly reduced. These facts only provide an opportunity to use a sport gait to treat joint and bony diseases, as well as make predictions for the future improvement of this sport. Walking with sticks is good for treating gout and calcaneal spurs.

Not everyone knows the fact that with northern walking in the human body, a lot of calories and fat cells are burned. Therefore, this type of sport will be useful for those people who have problems with overweight. Still I advise to familiarize with article about growing thin in pool.

It is very useful for the work of the heart. It increases its tone and allows you to stabilize the level of blood pressure. The muscles of the heart and the walls of the vessels are also strengthened.


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Doctors recommend practicing this sport for those who have problems with posture, including with a curved spine. It will not be superfluous to train for people who have suffered injuries to the ridge. Gradual and uniform loads on the body will help to restore the motor abilities of all parts of the body much faster.

Since walking is more upper parts of the muscles, it is impossible to note the benefit of walking for the condition of the lungs. With regular classes, their volume can increase to almost thirty percent.

Most experiments and studies show that people who actively use Nordic walking with a stick in their daily lives do not have excess cholesterol in the blood, their bowel condition improves, the stomach works stabilizes. The metabolic processes of the whole organism are being adjusted, as a result of this a person has an excellent mood and well-being. His body seems to be a few years younger.

Also important is the fact that when walking you can use sticks that will serve you as a support and support for climbing the mountain and long stops on the road.

In Germany, this sport is an indispensable element of any rehabilitation program. For example, patients who undergo surgery to replace hip joints after a month of active activities can begin to move without help and return to the usual rhythm of life.

Scandinavian walking can be used to treat the following diseases:

  • Scoliosis.
  • Bronchial asthma.
  • Severe pain in back and waist, shoulders and neck.
  • Problems with arterial pressure.
  • Depressive states and neuroses.
  • Insomnia.
  • Extra weight of the body.

There are practically no contraindications for classes. The main thing is to consult your doctor in order to clarify the amount of exercise that will work for your body.

Correct execution technique

The technique of walking is simple enough and will be understood by everyone. The most important thing, as with any other sporting activity, is not to rush and do everything gradually.

Walking usually begins with an offensive on the heel, only then go to the sock. At the same time, it is necessary to move slowly and not to make sudden movements.

It is very important to take the first step correctly: one arm needs to be bent slightly in the elbow joint and pull it forward, while watching that the pack always was under a certain slope. The second hand in the bent position is at the level of the pelvic bones and is slightly retracted.

Walk with a stick you need a little faster than with a normal walk. The amplitude of the movements will depend on the weight of the body and the movement of the hands.

The faster the speed, the greater the load will be performed on all the muscles of the body.

Do not be afraid to experiment and walk towards your future. Classes Nordic walking with sticks not only diversify your life, but also will strengthen health, thereby making your mood and well-being many times better!