Technique of exercises lunges back

Technique of exercises lunges back

The fall back, how to do it is what we will talk about today, dear friends. Hello everyone, I am with you again, and I do not know what kind of an article on my blog. You will learn from it how the attacks differ from usual attacks, what else there is a variation of attacks backwards, of course, the technique of the exercise will be described, well, in general – read on, and I’m sure you will not remain indifferent to the article. Begin?


lunges exercises


Of the many exercises on the legs and buttocks, lunges occupy a niche of one of the most effective exercises in terms of acquiring beautiful priests and legs, increasing the strength or relief of these same parts of the body. Believe me, this can not be said about most other exercises, although they are necessary for the full effect of this basic exercise.




What distinguishes these attacks from ordinary attacks, and their other variation

The technique of the exercise itself differs only in a few points of motion, and so everything is the same. But these distinctive moments are precisely the features of the exercise. First of all, you will not have to step forward, but backwards, which is not very convenient for a person because of his body structure. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the balance of the body, and this already includes the stabilizing muscles responsible for the balance, and efforts must be made to clearly coordinate the actions of the body. Already a plus. Further.

If the forward attacks can be done without returning to the starting position in front of the standing leg (we step forward with the foot and do lowering / raising in the attack until the end of the set), then in the attacks we will have to return the standing leg to the starting position from behind, because then the meaning of the exercise is lost.

It is also worth noting that the muscles of the legs and buttocks tighten differently in this exercise. This can be seen if you constantly “hammer” the attacks forward, get used to them, and after switching to attacks back – the same working muscles will be sick at first because of the unusual load.

As for the other variation of these attacks, I can say one thing: they can be done with steps backwards, that is, do not put the exposed leg back to the one standing in front, but do one more attack back in front, and so on. Such an exercise is worth doing after mastering the technique of simple attacks back, because in an untrained person the technique of falling back in step can be a “curve”. Then what is the use of it?


exercises lunges back


But on the other hand, this exercise in a more complex variation is simply incredibly “blowing up” your buttocks, dear girls, but I’m not talking about how your legs will be loaded.


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Exercise Technique

Everything starts from the starting position. So it is here. The starting position is as follows: You just stand exactly on both feet, the feet are already shoulder widths, the socks look forward, the hands are freely lowered (if you do the exercise with extra weight) or stand on the belt. The back is straight, the head is directed forward.

Go backwards. Do a lunge back, bending, for example, the left leg in the hip, knee and ankle joints, and putting it on the toe from behind. The right leg (which stands still) is also slightly bent in the two upper joints. The position of the trunk, hands and head remains unchanged – they, like in the original position, do not bend anywhere and do not change their position. Too far to make an attack is not necessary – the quadriceps are less loaded, but close too it is not necessary – gluteus muscles are less loaded.

Move down-up. After all the above, bend the legs further in all the joints involved, bringing the knee of the hind leg almost to the floor (but not touching it). The position of the body remains unchanged. Similarly, do the reverse movements: first straighten the legs in all joints, and then return the left foot back to the right.

It is noteworthy that you can do this exercise first for one leg, and then for another (a set of eight, for example, repetitions on the left foot, then on the right foot), or alternately for both legs (a set of sixteen repetitions for both legs at once ). Both of these options are correct, if the exercise is correct.



What to look for

As I said, the body should not bend forward. Also, the lower leg of the front leg should not lean forward (the knee should not be in front of the foot).

With the legs retracted and lowered, you should breathe in, and when you straighten your legs and bring your foot to its starting position, exhale. Thus, the lungs with exhalation, as it were, help you, putting effort to lifting. This is especially true when using weights – rod (even in Smith), a dumbbell or something else. I advise you to read the article: how to breathe properly with physical exercises.

Before the beginning of the exercise, concentrate on the balance – this is necessary for the successful and correct execution and completion of attacks.

In addition to dumbbells in your hands, you can also use a barbell, laying it on your shoulders (conditionally) and controlling her arms. When using a bar with pancakes at both ends at least 10 kg, it is also possible to additionally include the muscles of the stabilizers of the upper humeral girdle.

This exercise can also be performed in the Smith simulator, where the fixed bar will not allow your body to bend forward, and the attacks will be as they should – not narrow and not wide.

Backstabbing back how to do is an interesting topic. As you can see, the exercise is quite complex, but equally effective, especially if you apply different variations. Subscribe to blog updates, leave comments and share articles with your friends on social networks. All the best.