Technique of exercises lunges back

Technique of exercises lunges back

Hell, my dear friends! Today, we will be going to talk about the fallback and other techniques of exercise. Particularly, we will learn how the attacks differ from the usual attacks of exercises. Also, we will be going to learn some attack variations. In further discussion of this article, in general, all that will be described.

lunges exercises

There are many exercises for our legs and buttocks. Lunges exercises are popular exercises that are considered to be effective in terms of developing the legs as well as other body parts. This usually enhances strength or could relief. This exercise is exceptional amongst other exercises because it is very simple to do yet good for the legs.

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What is the lunge exercise?

It is an exercise where a person strikes a pose, particularly, where one leg is stepped forward while bending the knee in a right angle that points forward and the other leg should be positioned backward where knee lies flat on the ground surface. Always keep your spine and torso in a neutral position so you will be able to get back to your initial position. It is a good exercise for your legs and is also effective in stabilizing the lower body.

What distinguishes these attacks from ordinary attacks, and their other variation?

This technique of exercise is partially similar to the normal techniques but there are only a few points that differ. The distinctive moments and actions done on this exercise are precisely the main feature. The first step is that you should not step forward rather stepping backward is necessary and more convenient because of the structure it forms along the process. You must observe the balance of your body as it includes the stabilization of the muscles that are responsible for the balance. Put some extra effort as you go along and it must be properly coordinated to the actions of the body.

If you do the forward attacks and found out that when returning to the starting position in front of the standing leg is not necessary (forward your foot and do the raising and lowering of the attack until the end of a  set), then the attacks have to return to the standing leg to the starting position. If it is the case, the meaning of the exercise might be lost.

Besides, if you find your legs and buttocks muscle got tightened with this exercise, then it is worth noting. The main reason for this is when you do constant “hammer” of forwarding attacks switching to back attacks. Some time at your first work out, you may experience sickness and pain on your muscle because of the unusual load that was exerted.

For the other variation of these attacks, there will be doing of stepping backward that does not put the exposed leg back to the one standing in front. But do at least one more attack back in front. This exercise is worth doing if you get to master the techniques of the basic attacks. Avoid doing the technique of falling back in the step that curves if you are an untrained person.

exercises lunges back

Please note that for girls it may hurt their legs due to the load but when they get familiarized to it, it significantly blows up buttocks through complex variations.

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Exercise Technique

Doing this exercise requires you to start from the starting position. The so-called starting position has several steps as follows: First, stand exactly on both feet, then the feet should already wide as your shoulders widths, next, the socks look forward, your hands should be freely lowered (if it is necessary for you to do the exercise with additional weight) or stand on the belt. Then the back should be back in a straight position while your head is directed forward.

Afterward, just go backward then do a lunge back that bends (e.g. your left thigh in your hip, ankle joints, and knee then putting it on the toe from behind). Your right leg should stand still and should also be slightly bent in the two upper joints. Position your trunk, and hands and remain your head steady so it will just look like the original position. Hence, do not bend anywhere and do not change the position. Having a too far attack makes it unnecessary if quadriceps are less loaded but having much close to do could be necessary when the gluteus muscles are less loaded.

Next, move down-up. After doing all the steps mentioned above, you may bend your legs further in the involved joints to make the knee of the leg positioned near above the floor (but without touching). The position of your body should remain unchanged. Similarly, you could do the reverse movement where you first do the straightening of the legs in all the joins then return the left foot to the right.

Remarkably, you may do this exercise first just for one leg, then as go further, you should be able to do another set of eight for your other leg (it is the repetition on the left foot then you do with the right foot). Alternately, for legs, a set of sixteen reps for both the legs one time can be done. All these options will be all correct as long as you do a correct way of exercise.

What to look for

As I have said before, your body should not be bent forward and your lower legs of the front leg should not lean forward (your knee should not be in be in front of the foot)

Keep on breathing while your legs are retracted and in lowered position. Besides, you should do an exhale if you when you do straightening of your legs and bringing your foot to its initial position. Moreover, keep your lungs in rhythmic exhalation as it was because it will keep you having an extra effort for lifting. It is proven if you used to do exercising using weights. We highly recommend you to take time reading the article “how to breathe properly with physical exercises.”

But before you do the exercise, you should concentrate and make sure to have the balance necessary for the entire execution of all the attacks.

To intensify or somehow add up a load, the dumbbells on your hand may be change in to a barbell. Then if you opted this way, lay it on your shoulders and control the arms. If you ever use a bar with pancakes at both ends at least a weight of 10kg, it is doable for you to put your muscles of the stabilizers of the upper humeral girdle.

This such exercise can simply be done in the Smith simulator where the fixed bar restricts you from bending forward. This makes the attacks as easy as it should be.

Strength training

As you may know, lunges exercise is good for your health specifically for forming and building lower body muscles including hamstrings, quadriceps, and gluteus maximus. A lunge that focuses on the functioning of gluteal whereas the short lunge focuses on the quadriceps. It is a basic movement wherein beginners can do it advisably.

This exercise can be done with your bodyweight along which do not require any extra tools but may be modified and intensified if you put some (dumbbells, kettlebells, or barbell) held in hand.

There is a variation of this exercise where you split, squat, and jump also known as plyometrics. It can be done by jumping intensely between lunge positions.


This exercise comprises of various forms and even modifications. It can be simply for yoga practitioners, weight lifters, runners, and others. Also, this could be in a wide range of levels, from beginner up to way difficult. Lunges exercise is essential for sculpting, strengthening, and building various types of muscles. It is even way good for your bones, joints, and limbs.

Nonetheless, this exercise should be done with proper and enough knowledge. It is not just as simple as it seems but it may be a complex one if you accompanied the exercise with various tools. It will surely promote the development of your lower body and even make you able to stand firmly.

It is highly recommendable that you should also have a proper diet that supplements your healthy development than on doing this just alone.

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  1. Is there any alternative exercise we can do aside from this? – According to some fitness trainers, doing squats or step-ups may be good alternatives.
  2. Why is Lunges more difficult than squats? – Simply because lunges involve various muscles like glutes, hamstrings, quads, core, and adductor than of squats which only involves all smaller stabilizing muscles.
  3. How many Lunges I could do for a day? – Every day of a month, we recommend you to do 100 lunges or as you can. If you feel it not enough, you could make it more intense by adding some twists – 15 forward attacks each leg, 20 right side lunges, 20 left side lunges, and 30 reverse lunges.