Exercise a pullover with dumbbells lying
How to pump up muscles?

Technology of performance of exercise a pullover with dumbbells lying

My respect, ladies and gentlemen. With you again I, and today you learn what is a pullover from dumbbells lying as to carry out it and for what it is necessary. Also I will tell about ways of performance of exercise, about an aktsentualization on concrete muscles and still something. Has intrigued? Then we won’t drag out!

All of us with you know that exercises are aimed at the development of concrete muscles: them there can be a little, and maybe one. But one fact remains (in most cases) invariable: exercises develop “parallel” muscles. It means that these muscles almost always work together, carrying out the same exercise. For example, chest and tricepses.


dumbbell pullover


The pullover “behaves” absolutely differently: during his performance are put into operation as “parallel” muscles, and, I would be expressed, “left”, that is strangers. About what specifically muscles there is a speech, I will tell a bit later.




What is it?

By the nature the pullover from dumbbells is the exercise directed more to extension of muscles than on their development by means of efforts. If to look at the leading body builders claiming about uniqueness of usefulness of this exercise, then it is possible to understand that it is difficult to overestimate a pullover role in development. But the statistics says that the pullover isn’t so popular among the beginning athletes. And in vain …

The principle of work at what pullover? Correctly, extension. And how extension of muscles can help at a set of weight, for example, or at correction of own figure at girls? Yes it is very simple!

We will take, for example, cultivation of dumbbells in the parties lying on a bench. The same exercise is “stretch” too, that is stretching. But he is “hollowed” for some reason constantly, and right after pumping of pectoral muscles. Question: what for?

To stretch the clogged muscles. Therefore, to increase their “injury” which leads to a bigger gain of dry weight. Similar action happens and when performing a pullover – muscles stretch that influences their further growth.

What muscles participate in work

Generally the pullover is used for study of muscles of a breast and three-headed muscles.

But the emphasis can be placed also on the broadest muscles of a back, carrying out the elementary rules. By the way, in parallel with the broadest muscles develop also gear (lobbies). If it is interesting to you, you can look how they look where are and the figure of the athlete or athlete at their due development becomes how more beautiful.


pullover with dumbbells


For men the wide and developed thorax as the business card. For the girl tightened, and to tell the truth, the sticking-out breast – too plays a large role in respect of appeal.

All this can be reached by means of exercises on a breast and, naturally, a pullover. What principle of his work? Extension! But what extension? “Distributing” too the stretching exercise, but it is easier in performance. So why everything to complicate?

The matter is that “distributing” pulls breast muscles in width (in the parties), at a pullover pulls them up, that is in length.

This prospect is attractive to girls that the natural corset for a breast is created that corrects her sagging. In other words, the breast gets an attractive form. For men … And what for men? With them and so everything is clear: it is more chest – will shake more.

Ways of performance

There are two plain options of exercise, and in both you need a bench. You will be able to find suitable in gym? Then half-problems it is solved.

The first is to lie along a bench with lowered stupnyam on each side on a floor. The second is to lie an upper back across a bench, planting the feet against a floor and holding a torso in a certain situation.

As for the first method of execution, it is considered simple and suitable for beginners where big weights don’t play a role yet, and the technique of execution isn’t adjusted yet. In the second everything is slightly more difficult: there and stretching of muscles is at the advanced level because of the increased movement amplitude, and exercise isn’t restricted only to movement of hands for the head.

How to carry out?

In the first case it is enough to lay down on a bench, having recorded not movably legs on a floor. Further, you take a dumbbell in hand, you lift over themselves and you lower to themselves on the head (slightly lower than the top) almost on straight arms. Notice, almost on straight lines. That is they have to be a little bent in elbows and are recorded (elbows don’t “walk” during performance). You need only to return because of the head a dumbbell to an initial position and to repeat exercise necessary number of times.


pullover exercise


In the second case you lay down across a bench (upper back), you plant the feet against a floor (width between feet is equal to width of shoulders) and you straighten a torso – it shall be parallel to a floor. You take a dumbbell in the same way as in the first option. Difference in movement back. Here you work not only hands, but also the casing: during lowering of a dumbbell back, you also lowers a basin down that considerably increases amplitude of movement of a dumbbell that leads to bigger stretching of muscles. Because of it skilled bodybuilders so love this exercise.


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Emphasis on different muscles

During rise of a dumbbell up you can do nothing that to a large extent involves a breast and tricepses, and you can during effort specially strain the broadest and toothed muscles that will affect their study. Thus, the pullover can be considered versatile exercise.

As for breathing, here you shall take a breath on lowering and an exhalation on rise of a weighting compound. The similar technique will help with the considerable weight of burdening, and will be absolutely useless at the initial stages.

Pullover from dumbbells lying – an excellent method to improve itself or to put the body in order. And I have nothing to add more. If there are questions – favor are asked in the comment. I will remind that having subscribed for up-dating of the blog, you will be aware always of new articles. And having shared this article with the friends on social networks, receive a plus in a karma. Happily.