training program crossfit for real men

The training program crossfit for real men

Hello, dear readers! Today we will discuss the CrossFit training program for men. CrossFit is typically consisting of a complex of exercises, which is performed in a short period.

Performing CrossFit training is a great way to improve body fitness. For those who are not familiar with CrossFit yet or are beginners in doing this exercise, we have included in this article everything you need to know before performing the CrossFit training program.

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Understanding the basics of CrossFit

Before we dive into the different CrossFit training program exercises, let’s discuss first the basics so you don’t get too intimidated while practicing this.

Common terms used

Knowing the common terms used in CrossFit is one-step for you to get more familiar with it. You need to understand these basic lingos as these are all normally used in gyms. Your coach will mention some or all of these, so it’s good for you to memorize all of them now.

  • AMRAP (As Many Rounds [or Reps] As Possible) – This term is used when your workout is a circuit, so you need to do as many rounds as possible as you can within the given time.
  • Box – Another term for CrossFit gym.
  • EMOM (Every Minute On The Minute) – This term is used for interval-style training.
  • GPP (General Physical Preparedness) – A term used among CrossFitters for overall fitness.
  • Metcon (Metabolic Conditioning) – A type of training that improves endurance.
  • The Whiteboard – This is where the CrossFit gyms write athletes’ scores and WOD.
  • WOD (Workout of the Day) – The CrossFit workout you have to perform for the day.

Important factors in the CrossFit training program

Now that you learned the common words used in CrossFit, it’s time to discuss the important factors in performing this type of program.

  • Workouts – Every day different workouts should be practiced in performing CrossFit. It is also modified for every people and adapted to their age and level of fitness, to make it easy for them to achieve their goals.
  • Lifestyle – Once you started doing CrossFit training, be mindful of your diet and exercise to achieve body fitness and long-term health.
  • Community – While practicing the CrossFit training program, you need a support group or community to encourage and motivate you toward your goals.

Sample program or technique and its implementation

In this sample program and technique, the greatest number of muscles will be involved. These workouts are ideal for those who want to lose weight, improve strength, endurance, and agility. Weightlifting exercises will be included, with weights and cardio.

Squat blast

It is carried out with an empty signature stamp or with dumbbells. To get into position, you need to open your legs wider than your shoulders and socks apart. Approach squat position and pay close attention to your knees, the socks should still be in place. At the time of raising of signature stamp or dumbbells, try raising your elbows above and brush and as much as possible as you load your shoulders. You do not bend down at all, you need to hold back exactly and do not take away your shoulders forward.


The following exercise will be performed with weights. These are ordinary push-ups from the floor. You need to accept lying support and watch the muscles of your stomach work statically, so it’s important not to sag your stomach to the floor.

Freely move your elbows in shovels. Raise your head if you find it easy to carry out a full range of motion, but if it is hard, it’s possible to carry out on a lap. Try not to do delays, both in the top and in the lower point. Please watch your time closely and try to perform the task properly.


What do you think is the most favorite exercise among CrossFitters? Of course, burpee. It is also our following exercise. To start with a burpee, make a squat as the starting position, rest your hands against the floor, and transfer to them all the weight of your body.

How to perform burpee? Tear off your legs from the floor and quickly straighten them having accepted lying support. At the same time, do not bend back. In the following movement, it is necessary to transfer your weight to your hands again and also bend your legs to accept the starting position. From this position, try to jump out up. After you have landed, quickly sit down and reach the starting position.

This sequence of exercises is considered one. You need to perform this exercise on a set time.

If it is difficult for you to carry out a burpee, then it is possible to replace it as follows: you rise by using a step platform. To perform this exercise, put one leg on a step platform, lean your foot, and tighten the upper body. Try to perform this exercise without abrupt movements. Lift your right leg and tighten it to your breast to make a serial change.

Hopping up

Hopping up is also an excellent replacement for a burp. To perform this exercise, establish or find a height where you can able to jump from your two legs, with the maximum concentration. You need to hop with the right power and speed and land on the contrary softer. If there are problems with knees, then it is better not to do this exercise.


It is necessary to include pull-ups in your training. For beginners, it is better to start with classical pull-up. It is performed by hanging on horizontal bars. You need to straighten your arms and begin to lift yourself to the horizontal bar. After that, take control as you fall to straight arms again. When performing this exercise, you need to hold the body directly to intensify the muscles.

A jump with an empty neck

The next exercise is a jump with an empty neck. We try to do this exercise intensively and at the same time adhere to the technique of execution. During the landing, you need to smoothly, slightly springy, bend your legs, so as not to injure your feet and knees. At the time of the jump, you sharply tear off the neck from the chest, straightening the arms forward, and landing on a similar position.


The final exercise is called a clamshell. How can you do it? First, lay down on your back. At the same time, raise your arms and legs perpendicular to the floor, stretching out your body from hands to your toes. When lying, press your back to the floor. Do not forget to breathe properly and close your eyes during this exercise.

After you made one lap, rest for about 30 to 60 seconds. It is possible to rest longer if you feel the training is difficult.

With each training exercise, time can be reduced by performance as well as rest time. You can combine the training with different exercises, proceeding from your features, and skills. Also, you can make the program easier for you by training CrossFit independently. When you think you have enough strength, you can try the complicated options of CrossFit exercises.

Harmful effects of CrossFit training

You may try to ask, is it possible to harm from doing CrossFit training? The main damage in CrossFit is extreme loads, which the beginner acquires, in fact, at the beginning of the lesson. After all, the cross-training program for men does not have a specially written program for beginners.

Extreme occupations are constantly raised injury risk and the possibility of cardiovascular complications. At the execution of exercises, athletes are guided not by equipment, but by speed and strong weight. For this reason, the possibility of drawing damages many times over increases.

Remember, in any sport, technique, dimensionality, and an adequate assessment of your capabilities are important.

Well, to you, my friends, I wish you to achieve success in your chosen sport and creative victories! Do not forget to subscribe to receive blog updates. Please also share this article with your friends on social networks. Feel free to leave a comment if you have questions. That’s it for now, dear readers. Stay tuned for the next updates!


  1. Can I do crossfit training if I want to lose weight?

CrossFit training can’t help you lose weight easily but it does help your body lose the fat and be in great shape. It is advisable to seek a CrossFit training coach to help you with your routine if you want to try doing this type of training.

  1. Hi, I’ve been doing crossfit for quite some time now. Just to be sure, are there specific times in a week for training?

It is suggested to work out 5 times a week using a schedule of working out 3 times a day and 1 day off. If you are training CrossFit for about 3 to 6 months, this frequency can help you achieve greater results.

  1. For someone like me who is training for weeks now, I still see no result in my body. Is crossfit training really effective, when can I see results?

Results vary among athletes and trainers. If you want to see general changes in your body for performing CrossFit exercises, you must at least train for 3 days a week, have a healthy diet plan, and seek a healthier lifestyle. If you continue doing all these things and be patient with your body, in just a span of one month, yes, you can say that CrossFit training is indeed effective.