How quickly to tighten a stomach
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How quickly to tighten a stomach not leaving from the house?

Probably, each girl at heart dreams of an ideal figure. But it is distant not all it is possible to keep it in modern conditions of a life. I welcome you, dear readers and subscribers of my blog. Today I shall mention useful enough, but poorly opened subject matter: how quickly to tighten a stomach – exercises. From this article you learn, that it is necessary for it to do, what exercises to use how to eat and many other things.




Often because of the duties, vital situations and the reasons we have not time to eat and track own physical appearance properly simply. As consequence – appears small «tummy» which for certain will confuse any who is not indifferent how it looks.

But it is impossible to consider a mistake if it can be corrected. For this reason I suggest you to learn a little simple, but effective principles of a harmonous figure, and is more specific – than a flat stomach.




At home

Your house is that territory where you do not hesitate to accept yourselves such what you are (I shall address more to girls): the some people elementary do not do much in “gym” or are not recorded on Aqua Fitness, for example, that hesitate of the physical appearance or what the others ostensibly will think of them? On a category hesitating or those who simply is not in time or cannot visit similar seats, this article is calculated.

In general, at home be are ready to that you should toil at yourselves frankly: there are no extraneous eyes, to hesitate to you there is nobody, and time for crossings to a sports complex does not need to be spent. So to you impedes is adequate to engage in itself?

By the way, I carry to house conditions also run along the street, in fact you will run on the area. And without run anywhere, understand? Why so – I shall explain in some instants.


small tummy


How to make your body lose weight

Many are mistaken thinking that swinging press, they thus tighten stomach and grow thin. Actually it is possible to lose weight only if you sweat. As a rule, sweating does not happen at press rating.

One more moment. It is impossible to tighten only stomach or bottom: grow thin, usually, at once all over, on condition of full return to occupations.

Well, I will long not tighten: You need to be engaged from 40 to 60 minutes at least 3 times a week (it is possible every day, but using different exercises). During these occupations you have to disperse the heartbeat from 120 to 160 blows – within these figures there is the most effective fat burning.

If training to last it is less than 25 minutes – consider its useless for dump of weight: hypodermic fat starts to be burnt only after 20 minute active works (all over again to a course there are the carbohydrates which has acted with food, then a fatty layer).

And last moment. Do not eat right after training fast carbohydrates. This all sweet, grain products, sweet fruit, products from the test, a potato. Lean better on fiber, and take advantage of a sports feed is even better.

What it is possible to use at home?

As it was above, run – the base tool for achievement of a beautiful torso. But, in principle, it is possible to do also without it. But you do not hurry to reject it aside: it will become excellent variety if you want to be engaged more often than 3 times a week.

It would be wonderful, if at you at home was a little small, but such necessary dumbbells. Get a skipping rope or Stepas-platforms. Can strike in general on all fronts: buy a disk of employment on aerobics and be engaged under the available program, looking on performance of exercises.

How does it all work

Many may have a question like “How will the run take the stomach off?” Or “How will the rope help me?”. The principle of operation is that you begin to work exhaustively on yourself. The organism needs energy for this, after 20 minutes of continuous work, it will begin to draw from its reserves, that is, from beneath the skin of the abdomen. So do not be surprised at such a strange, but effective approach to losing weight.

See, at all it is unessential to swing press « before loss of pulse » though, for the sake of justice, I shall tell, that exercises on a straight line and slanting muscles of a stomach would become wonderful addition to your program of trainings in-home.

Approximate training plan

If you expected at once ready examples of trainings I shall disappoint you: to make for you the program, it is necessary for me to see you, to set some questions, and on the basis of it to make a precise complex of exercises. But it is a lot of you, dear readers and consequently I shall result the general example of that it is necessary to do.



small tummy workout


  • Run. To run it is possible long, spending on it almost all time for training. That is all training. But can also half an hour, and can in the beginning 15 – 20 minutes and also in the end, having left there is some time for other exercises.
  • Jump on a skipping rope. Active consumption of oxygen during employment testifies, that hypodermic fat starts to be oxidized and turn to energy for a body. For jumps can allocate on 7 – 10 minutes on each training or more time, but to apply a skipping rope then it is necessary less often.
  • Exercises with dumbbells: slopes to the sides, exercises on flexion and extension of the trunk (press), turns of the trunk. All this excellently activates the fat burning processes, if applied at the beginning of classes (after running or jumping) or at the end as a hitch.


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Buy a disk with programs of aerobics and then the previous three items will disappear: you will need to track only the couch on the screen and to repeat everything, that it does. It is assured, you very quickly will dump extra kgs in the field of a stomach.

Well, in principle, that’s all. I will only say that it would be ideal to change your diet in accordance with your chosen healthy lifestyle.

Is forced to finish today’s blog. I hope, you had liked article “How quickly to tighten a stomach: exercises”. Leave comments, subscribe for updates of the blog. Also do not forget to share useful information with the friends through social networks. I think, it is useful to them. I wish all excellent results in everything.