Training program for gastrocnemius muscles for girls
How to pump up muscles?

Training program for gastrocnemius muscles for girls in the gym and at home

Hello. Especially I’m glad to welcome our beloved girls and women, because this article is more concerned with them. And it sounds like this: “Exercises for gastrocnemius muscles for women.” You know, the topic is rather narrow, and maybe I will not tell you anything new, but still I’ll try not to disappoint you with the prepared information.


gastrocnemius muscles for girls


To begin with, the human calf muscles are the strongest muscles in the whole body. Some people think that the strongest muscle is the language. Yes, the language is able to create pressure that exceeds the pressure of “calf”, but so the language as a whole is a combination of several muscles, and not the whole muscle. So the statement about the language is not entirely correct. The strongest are still the calf muscles.




Comparison of the arms and legs

In general terms, the legs are the opposite mapping of the hands. This, to put it crudely, there are differences, if anyone did not know. So, as well as on the hands, there are biceps (two-headed muscles) on the legs, there are muscles similar in terms of functions – triceps and quadriceps. And with what to compare calf muscles? Of course, with the muscles of the forearms. As with the forearms, there are several groups of muscles, and on the lower parts of the legs (shins) there are different muscle groups. How to swing them – I’ll talk just below.

Why did I draw a similar analogy? Yes, the fact that the forearm can be pumped up not only with exercises aimed at the work of the forearms. After all, when you work on the biceps hands, the muscles of the forearms also participate in the movements and, accordingly, grow. Exactly the same picture with the muscles of the shins: they can be stimulated to growth by not only various ascents to the socks, but also thanks to some exercises for the muscles of the thighs.


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Exercises for women

Go tell that exercises for the “simulator” and for the house may differ due to technical support (simulators or lack thereof), but the principle of their implementation is the same. Let’s start by describing exercises that can be performed in specialized halls, where all necessary equipment is simply required.

In the gym

The first and most simple exercise is lifting on socks standing in the simulator. Here you can adjust the required extra weight. If we proceed from this exercise, then we get a few more: pushing the platform with a socks in a gak-simulator (you can change the direction of socks for working out different heads of calves) and climbing socks in the Swedish staircase.


calf muscles


These exercises differ only in the nature of the loads: in the first the weight falls on the spine, in the second on the legs, but the amplitude of movement is limited, and in the third one only the weight of the body is present, but on the stairs one can fall much lower (lower the heels) than in the previous ones Two exercises.

Raising on the toes standing can be carried out and on the floor, holding in your hands additional weight (dumbbells, weights, barbells or pancakes). The same can be done for each leg in turn, so even more effectively. By the way, as a weighting agent you can use your girlfriend: let him sit on your shoulders, and you just do everything necessary. Better, of course, this exercise is done near the Swedish wall.

As for exercises that are not related to socks, here you can use the following: bending the legs in the simulator (the trainers themselves can be in different types – sitting, standing on one leg).

There is another exercise – lifting on the toes sitting in the simulator, but it is more aimed at pumping the soleus muscles, although the work of caviar is also possible.

At home

As in the hall, you can do the lifts on the socks at home, using improvised means – self-made weighting agents, a bar about 7 to 10 centimeters in height.

Just get up in a convenient place for you, take in your hands or arm burdens begin to climb the socks. This same exercise can be done for both legs, but separately.


gastrocnemius muscles for women


Excellent caviar, if you jump on your toes. This can be done with a rope, changing the position of the legs (one in front, the other behind, widely spaced legs).

You can also jump on your toes without a rope, making jumps, legs in the knees at the same time bend very little – push off with socks.

To replace the Swedish wall, you can use the same bar – stand on it and climb up, and then go down as low as possible.

Another exercise: stand in a wide rack, bend your knees, dropping the pelvis on their level, and now rise from this position to the socks. Heavy? Yes! But how effective.

Similarly, with bending the legs in the simulator, you can use the same leg bending, but using a rubber bandage (sold in a pharmacy) or a rubber expander. Tie it with one end to the battery, for example, and in the second make a loop, in which you will pass the foot. You can do it in turn for each leg, and for both at once.

By the way, walking on socks with weights in hands is a great way to stimulate your calf muscles.



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