Training for real men

Training for real men

I am glad to welcome you in my blog, dear guests and subscribers. Guys, I appeal to you, because this topic is just for you. And it sounds like this: “The plan for training in the gym for men.” In this article, you will learn the training program itself and its construction features. Forward!

Since experienced athletes are probably not looking for a suitable program for themselves (they have already found it for a long time, or rather, because they need a few), so I decided to help beginners who will always be more than experienced.


training for men


Let’s first figure out some of the points about which we will build on the training plan.




Where and with what it is necessary to be defined

For yourself, you immediately, not yet started fully engaged, should put a clear amount of training per week. I understand, work there, study, fascinating hobby, stealing a lot of time, and all that, but I would suggest that you train at least three times a week.

It is always necessary to push off from a minimum or from the worst scenario. That’s why my program is built on three workouts a week.

Next, you need to prepare for the fact that one or two workouts (the first) will have to spend on determining your working weights in the basic basic exercises.

They are calculated simply: in bench press, deadlift and squats with a bar you will have to work with 70% of your maximum. In each of these exercises, perform one lift, in your opinion, the maximum weight. And with the help of a calculator, calculate 70% of what you have raised. It’s simple.

The next aspect is the time of training. Training on average should last no more than an hour, there are reasons for this (catabolism). Therefore, if you do not invest at the right time, simply shorten the rest time between the approaches and the exercises.


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Warm up and hitch should be present in each lesson. They do not enter during working hours, and their duration in 5 – 7 minutes will be quite enough for performance of their basic tasks.

I would also like to say about water in training. Drinking is not something you can, but it is vital.

General information of the training plan

Remember, I helped you pick up weights only in the basic ones, I stress, in the basic basic exercises, and not in all basic ones. All the exercises listed in the complex, except for the three basic ones, require individual weight selection. Therefore, be prepared that you yourself will have to choose your own weight in the bench dumbbell bench press, for example, or in lifting the bar to the biceps (flexing and extension of the arms with the bar)

As already mentioned, the complex is divided into three days, between which there should be at least a day of rest. So put your workout through the day: on the first, third and fifth days of the week or in the second, fourth and sixth.

In each of the days, only 5-6 basic exercises are set, allowing beginners to quickly develop strength and volume of muscles. This amount may seem small, but believe me – it is more than enough to “clog” your muscles.

Each exercise carries in itself 2-4 approaches and from 6 to 12 repetitions. This ratio is an adjacent force and mass, in short, what a beginner athlete needs, that is, you. Are you ready for the most important?

The complex of exercises excludes isolating exercises and strengthening, such as exercises on the press or the lower back. Do you need the maximum development of strength and musculature? So do not get distracted while on the “cubes” of the press. All then.


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Training plan for beginners

First day.

  1. Press the bar with a wide grip: 4 to 6 – 10 (see how it feels).
  2. Press of dumbbells lying on an incline bench: 3 to 10.
  3. “Divorce” or dilution of hands with dumbbells lying on the bench: 3 to 10.
  4. Press the bar with a narrow grip: 4 to 6 – 8.
  5. Flexion and extension of arms in rest on the uneven bars: 3 to 12.
  6. Reverse push-ups: 2 to 12 (can be more if there are forces).

Second day.

  1. The deadlift (classic): 4 to 6 – 8.
  2. Deadlift (Romanian): 3 to 6 – 8.
  3. Thrust rod inclination: 3 to 10 – 12.
  4. Pulling on the crossbar (can be replaced by the pull of the upper block): 3 to 8 – 10.
  5. Bending of hands with the bar standing (you can use the “curve” neck): 3 to 8 – 10.
  6. “Hammer” with dumbbells: 2 to 8 – 10.

The third day.

  1. Squats with a barbell: 4 to 6 – 8.
  2. Press the legs in the hack machine: 3 to 10.
  3. Dumbbell wrestling sitting us bench (can be replaced by bench press Arnold): 4 to 10 – 12.
  4. Press the bar in the simulator Smith: 2 to 8 – 10.
  5. Press the bar in the Smith simulator from behind the head: 2 to 8 – 10.

training plan for beginners gym


Additional exercises

Periodically, you can use other basic exercises aimed at developing strength and volume of muscles. For example, you can replace the rod rod in the slope of the pull of the lower block or the pull of the dumbbell with one hand in the slope – the principle is the same.

Deadlift can be replaced by leaning forward with a barbell on the shoulders. And so on: there are many exercises similar in principle to the principle of impact – choose.

The training plan in the gym for men, described below, is not canonical – it can be supplemented, diluted or, conversely, reduced to your own needs.

Well, I was pleased to share this information with you. You can do the same by telling your friends on social networks. Leave comments and subscribe to blog updates. Be strong and beautiful.