How to treat Hoff’s disease
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How to treat Hoff’s disease? Symptoms, prevention and treatment

Hello, my dear readers. In my today’s article there will be a talk about problems with the diseased knees. Hoff’s disease of the knee joint, the treatment of this disease has become a problem not only for people of the age, but also for the younger generation. In my article, we will try to disclose the causes of this disease, preventive measures, and, of course, treatment – both traditional and popular ways to combat this unpleasant disease.


what is the knee joint


What is the knee joint? This is one of the most difficult joints in the human body, which includes many different elements. Its functional component is responsible for the mobility and stability of the lower limbs of a person. Trauma or disease of any of the elements of the knee joint leads to difficulty in movement, a sense of discomfort in the knee.




Hoff’s disease – what is it?

If we try to understand more specifically the diseases of Hoff, then we should return to the functions of the knee joint. In addition to movement, the knee joint in the human body is responsible for depreciation, that is, it performs a certain kind of emollient function for jumping, running, walking.

And it is for the depreciation in the knee joint that the elements called fat bodies of Goff answer. They are small fatty structures located above the synovial membrane. Speaking in a simpler language – these are peculiar pillows that evenly distribute the load.

If an inflammatory process occurs, the fatty bodies of Goff lose their damping ability. This is due to the fact that the fat tissue in the process of chronic inflammation is gradually replaced by a joint that can not perform the functions necessary for the knee joint.

Most often this disease develops on the background of the received trauma of the knee joint. Also the reason can be a long stay in a squat position. In this case, pressure is exerted on the front wall of the knee joint and, correspondingly, the disturbance of fatty bodies. For women, this disease is characteristic during the menopause, against the background of hormonal changes.


Hoff’s disease can be divided into two conditional periods: acute and chronic.

Symptoms of an acute period:

  1. Frequent pain in the knee area
  2. The onset of swelling, often swelling continues to increase
  3. Absence of the possibility of full extension of the knee joint, against painful sensations

Chronic or later period:

  1. Periodic painful sensations, intensifying at night
  2. With the independent palpation of both sides of the patella, palpations are palpated, with pressing on which are audible crackling sounds
  3. The peculiar blockade of the knee joint, which excludes the possibility of fully utilizing the leg for the support
  4. Partially limited functionality of the quadriceps femoris muscle
  5. The instability of the knee joint is gradually developing


There are a number of symptoms by which you can visually diagnose Goff’s disease. This lameness, pain in the knee joint, edema of the knee, the lack of the ability to fully unbend the aching leg.

The presence of these symptoms should serve as an excuse for you to see a doctor who, in turn, should send you to an MRI or instrumental examination, which will result in the necessary treatment.


hoff disease


Treatment of Hoff’s disease

After all the horrors we have outlined above, we will try to calm you down – with the correct diagnosis and professional treatment, Goff’s disease is curable, with almost complete restoration of the knee joint.

Official medicine offers for patients suffering from Goff’s disease two types of treatment: conservative and operative.


  1. Restriction of the patient’s motor activity, complete exclusion of physical activity, including exercise
  2. Physiotherapy, Sollux lamp treatment, various applications (mud, paraffin), laser therapy, oxygen therapy
  3. Anti-inflammatory and hormonal drugs
  4. Complex of physiotherapy exercises
  5. In the event that the disease was diagnosed at an unopened stage, this treatment is sufficient to completely restore the functions of the fat bodies of Hoff.


In the event that all of the above methods are ineffective and the disease is already running, medical workers prescribe an arthroscopic operation. The meaning of such an operation is to eliminate the deformed fat bodies of Hoff. After the operation, within 15-20 days, from the remaining bodies the full fatty tissue with all the necessary functional is regenerated.

Restoration after arthroscopic surgery on the knee joint should be at least three weeks, during which it is recommended to undergo courses of physiotherapy, massage and physiotherapy.

Folk remedies

We are forced to warn you immediately that in the case of Hoff’s disease, self-medication is not the best way to help yourself.

The councils that meet in various health centers basically recommend the use of various kinds of warming compresses. The whole problem is that these methods relieve pain, mask the disease, but do not solve the problem.


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Timely without intervening in the course of the disease, you run the risk of transforming Hoff’s disease into a more serious disease – arthrosis, which will lead to constant pain in the knee joint area. Therefore, do not blindly believe folk medicine and if you have any symptoms that I listed in the article, I strongly recommend that you do not delay the decision and contact a specialist who can correctly diagnose the disease and prescribe the necessary course of treatment.



Hoff’s disease of the knee joint, treatment of this disease, should not frighten you – this problem for modern medicine is completely solvable.

On this I say goodbye to you. Subscribe to updates, leave your comments about this and other articles. Until new meetings on the pages of my blog.