What is the use of fish oil for children

What is the use of fish oil for children?

Hello, dear readers! Many have asked this question about whether fish oil is good for children. Today, we will try to deal with you about this matter.

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Benefits and features of fish oil

Due to its rich content of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins E, A, and D, fish oil perfectly improves the blood circulation of a child’s brain. Of course, this has a beneficial effect on the brain as a whole and enhances the child’s mental performance and intelligence.

It is important to note that fish oil is advisable to take by hyperactive children, especially those who are already attending kindergarten or school. Because of fish oil’s properties, it can help children to become more attentive and focused and this is very important in the process of studying.

Well, tell me, who among you did not encounter a child’s hysteric acts? Perhaps, none. There are times it’s hard to calm a raging child who is fiercely demanding something. So, in this case, fish oil will come to the rescue. It can perfectly influence the child’s psyche and prevents the emergence of stress.

Vitamin A, found in the composition of fish oil can eliminate problems like brittle nails, improves the appearance and condition of the baby’s skin, and also strengthens the hair.

Another benefit of this food supplement is its ability to enhance immunity. And this fact lessens the worries of more than one generation of mothers on the whole planet. Plus, fish oil can also control the level of cholesterol in the child’s blood and prevents the development of obesity at an early age.

Indications and contraindications

For mothers who are reading this, please study carefully the following indications of using fish oil for your child or children and be aware of their current condition.

Who should best take fish oil:

  • Hyperactive children
  • Children who experience frequent colds
  • Children with visual impairment
  • Children with congenital heart defects
  • Children with mental development disorders
  • Children with frequent depression and sleep disturbance
  • Children in a postoperative period
  • Children with acute respiratory infections

Contraindications in taking fish oil:

  • Not recommended for children with congenital diabetes
  • Chronic low blood pressure in a child
  • Allergy to seafood
  • Children with stomach-related diseases
  • Children who have tuberculosis in an active stage
  • Children suffering from a severe injury

Can I give fish oil to babies?

It is believed that it is possible to give fish oil to infants, but this should be the doctor’s recommendation. Fish oil is often advised to use for children taking artificial feeding this is because they do not receive the required amount of omega acids. But again, we do not recommend self-medication, because you can only harm your child.

The course of treatment and dosage should be prescribed by a strictly treating pediatrician, taking into account the individual characteristics and condition of your child.

Which kind of fish oil should I choose?

Currently, liquid fish oil and encapsulated fish oil are on sale. The question is, which one to choose? Given the specific taste of this product, not all children will love it (but not only children, rather almost everyone does not like its taste). The way out of this situation is to take fish oil in the form of capsules, which have no unpleasant aftertaste. It is recommended to give these capsules to children while eating, while the liquid is best absorbed right before meals.

It is worth noting that there are pharmacies who can offer you fish oil supplements specifically for children composing of different vitamins. This is wonderful, but before buying one for your child, make sure you consult a doctor first. If there are no contraindications, then you can proceed in allowing your child to take it.

So, what kind of fish oil to choose? It is a personal matter of every mother and the child’s taste preferences.

Proper dosage of taking fish oil for children

Since you already found out how beneficial fish oil is for children, you might be on the lookout now on drugstores to buy a fish oil supplement for your children to take. But you need to remember the proper daily intake you can only give to your child, so he or she won’t experience any negative results. As we know that whatever we take too much in our body can cause more harm to us than good.

To help you out, there are specific dosage guidelines you must follow. For children 0–12 months, 0.5 grams of fish oil only. For ages 1–3 years, you can increase it to 0.7 grams. For 4–8 years old, 0.9 grams is better.

When a child reaches the age of 9, the dosage will start to differ between boys and girls. For boys of 9–13 years old, it’s 1.2 grams; while for girls it’s 1.0 grams.

The dosage will differ again once a child reaches 14–18 years old. For boys, they can take up to 1.6 grams; while for girls, 1.1 grams is enough.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this informative content. I would just like to know what is the right age for a child to start taking fish oil supplements?

Thank you for reading our blog! Regarding the age, a child can start taking fish oil supplements as early as infancy only if he or she is having artificial feeding or those who are not breastfed since they don’t get the right amount of nutrients they need from a mother’s milk. For those babies who are breastfeeding, they can use fish oil when they reach one year old. But remember, always seek your child’s doctor first before anything else.

 2.Can fish oil treat a child’s hyperactivity and naughtiness?

There are no specific conclusions that fish oil can treat a child’s hyper activeness but it can only control and reduce it. Fish oil is rich in omega-3 which is needed for brain development. Since a child’s behavior depends on his or her mental health, we can say that taking fish oil helps their brain to mature, making them less hyperactive and naughty. But you need to know that being hyperactive is normal for children. Also, the relationship of a child to his or her parents and family plays an important role in this matter.