What is the use of Scandinavian walking with sticks

What is the use of Scandinavian walking with sticks?

Hello, dear! Recently strolling in the local forest park, I saw a man of retirement age, who walked along the path with a backpack and two, I thought, ski poles. And the pace of his movement me, if honestly pleasantly surprised. He walked so quickly and so easily that it became very interesting to me, it was his sticks that helped him so much, or was he naturally so athletic? Arriving home, I decided on the Internet to see what I missed and what I do not know about such walking. And he was extremely interested and surprised that, it turns out, there is a whole direction in physical culture, which is called Scandinavian walking.


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So it turns out that the man – a true sportsman amateur, and not just a pensioner, who is difficult to walk! Scandinavian walking, than useful and useful to everyone, that’s what I would like to tell you about.




What is Scandinavian walking?

As you already understood, this is a kind of physical culture that gradually and confidently is gaining popularity among us. “It came” to us from snowy Finland. The idea of walking with sticks, similar to skiing, first came to athletes skiers. They could not prepare for the competition in the season when there was no snow. And they found a good way out – they began to train in the summer, walk with ski poles, and showed excellent results at the competitions.

Patented this sport Mark Cantan. He also perfected walking sticks and even made a allowance for this type of training. From that time, walking with sticks began to spread around the world. So it has acquired the greatest development in Germany.

Scandinavian (Norwegian, Finnish, northern) walking is walking-training on time, which the moving one relies on special sticks.

What are the benefits?

This kind of walking involves almost 90% of the muscles of the body. It is worth recalling that running or just walking is only about 70%, so it turns out that for one and the same time you can work out more muscle mass, and therefore spend more calories (this is a big plus for those who want to lose weight).

Also it must be said that leaning on a person’s sticks, relieves your joints and feet (heels) from extra load, which can not but please everyone who keeps them.

During training, the heart muscles are also trained. Also, scientists found that such exercises perfectly develop coordination and a sense of balance.

And if we add to this the correction of posture (everyone knows how important and necessary not only for beauty, but also the healthy work of all organs) and a significant increase in lung volume (30%), it becomes clear why Scandinavian walking is so popular.



Are there any contraindications and can everyone “walk with sticks”?

If you, as well as I was interested in Finnish walking, then having learned that she has practically no contraindications, you will be delighted and start to gather for sticks.

It should be noted that it is impossible for those who do not walk this walk:

  • Has a cold, flu or other diseases in which bed rest is recommended.
  • Who is in the postoperative period and the attending physician does not allow the load in the form of walking (including with sticks).
  • Has an exacerbation of chronic diseases, which is accompanied by pain syndrome.
  • People who suffer from heart disease should only practice after consulting a doctor!

All the rest can not only walk, but also need to!

How to walk correctly?

There are special methods for walking, but for those who have just started or are just about to start, it’s enough to learn simple ways.

They are the maximum naturalness of the step, with the difference that in the hands of a stick. And at a time when you make a step with one foot (right), the hand (opposite to it) makes an emphasis on the stick and with every next step everything changes in places.

It should be noted that there is no respiratory system per se. There are recommendations that it is desirable to breathe with the nose, but as practice shows, because of the load, the practitioner starts to breathe with his mouth.

To begin such exercises, it is necessary with small-time trainings (from 15 minutes) and gradually to increase them. For example, adding each training for 2-3 minutes.


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Training equipment

As for the equipment, it should be mentioned that the most important role here is assigned to special sticks (ski – not suitable!), And otherwise – comfortable clothes and shoes.

Sticks are telescopic (sliding), which change its length, and static. The latter are considered more expensive and reliable (professionals and people that are already sufficiently well informed, choose them), and telescopic ones are convenient because they can be folded and carried in this form, but they can not stand and break.

When choosing sticks one must carefully select their height, so that the training sessions are both effective and enjoyable. So there is some formula to calculate the height of the sticks.


what is scandinavian walking


So: we must divide our growth by 0.68 and round it to the number that divides by five. Although I would not like to hope for such a way and buy without a test in the living (all people are different and all have their own characteristics and needs). What fits all, not necessarily suitable for you!

Also it is necessary to pay attention to the material of sticks. It is better not to choose aluminum.

Make sure that the stick has a removable tip (spike or “claw”) made of durable material. Even if it breaks, you can replace it.

Still it is necessary to pay attention to “boots” (a cover for the thorn which is worn while walking on asphalt or concrete), it should be non-plastic, and rubber (will last longer).


I hope now you also know what Nordic walking is, what is useful and whether you need it. That’s actually all you need to know for beginners about Scandinavian walking and its benefits.

Oh, yes, an occupation, like any other kind of training, can not be started without a warm-up. This is very important for everyone who does not want to get injuries in the form of stretching.

Thank you for reading, do not forget to share information with your friends in social networks. Keep the rhythm! BYE!