What vitamins contain in raspberries

What vitamins contain raspberries and why it must be eaten

I wish everyone who reads my blog to be healthy. That’s why today, I will again talk about something that is not measured or bought by money: our health. My goal is to share with you useful information by giving gentle advice on what foods you should eat to saturate your body with all the essential vitamins it needs.

I got attracted by the well-known berry, which all people love: the raspberries. It is immensely tasty, sweet, and fragrant, but most importantly, it contains a sea of ​​priceless elements that supplement our vital energy. In this blog, I will discuss with you what are the vitamins contained in raspberries and how they can help our body to work healthily.

Raspberries are popular. Many songs and poems were invented about this fruit. And all of them are now spinning on the tip of my tongue. Aside from songs, there were also many fairy tales composed because of this coveted delicacy. Poets, artists, musicians, and even folk rumors did not cease to admire the artistic image and taste of this gift of Mother Nature. What more can I say? I’ll try to add some useful information to these certain truths about this incredible berry.

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A little background about raspberries

I think I already mentioned that the juicy and sweet berries of raspberries are not just an indescribable treat but a full set of minerals, useful elements, and valuable vitamins.

The intense taste qualities of this fruit have unique and rare healing properties. It is used for children to cure colds and other sickness caused by malignant viruses and microbes. A severe fever, filling the whole body, after a prudent treat gradually declined, bringing the patients considerable relief.

Because of the miraculous powers of raspberries in human beings for so many years, I will share the secret on why I have faith in this fruit.

Moreover, I note that forest raspberries have significantly more useful substances. Although garden raspberries are much sweeter, at least, that’s what I think. Do you think otherwise? However, there is no dispute about tastes. So we will get over it and take a closer look at the unique properties of raspberries, making this plant as one of the most significant benefits to every organism.

A whole treasure of health

Yes! As we have already found out, indulging in nostalgia, this famous and beloved plant have antipyretic effect. I will reveal a secret, it is one of the valuable properties of raspberries we can get, all thanks to the presence of salicylic acid in it.

For those who don’t have any idea what an antipyretic effect is that I’m talking about, I’ll make a brief explanation to you. Antipyretic is a substance known to reduce fever. It helps the hypothalamus to disallow the prostaglandin-induced increase in body temperature. Because of this, the body lowers its temperature and reduces the heat, allowing the person to feel relief.

There are three classes of antipyretic medications that are available to buy over-the-counter, even without prescriptions. These three are salicylates, acetaminophen (Tylenol), and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. However, because of the existence of raspberries, we don’t need to always rely on these types of medications since we can also have this antipyretic effect when we have fever and colds when we try eating raspberries. It is all-natural and safe!

Also, the composition of the product includes cellulose, other organic acids, pectin, tannins.

There are many beautiful words we used today to describe the sweetness of this berry. But do we know precisely how much sugar it contains? I want to give you my answer right away, similar to how I answer questions about what a workout is for those who do not know. The answer is, there is not much sugar in raspberries; it only contains about 10%. But the unique therapeutic effect of this fruit is betrayed by such elements as phytoncides and copper. By the way, I’m glad to add that raspberries do not carry any harm to us human beings; it doesn’t have any side effects on the body.

The essential value of raspberries is its vast storehouse of vitamins, such as vitamins A, C, E, and others. But it is especially rich in B vitamins. What about the minerals in it? However, it is easier to list the vitamins and minerals not included, because the raspberries contain as many elements as, perhaps, can be found only in the periodic table.

A little bit more about the health benefits of raspberries

One of the most valuable qualities of raspberries is its rare property to retain its usefulness even after heat treatment. What can we benefit from this? You can prepare infusions, decoctions, jams, and compotes by using raspberries as an ingredient. The impact of heat doesn’t lose the valuable components and constituent elements of raspberries, so it still can bring invaluable benefits to our health even after heating and making it to any form of a medicinal drink.

And what about the severe ailments that raspberries can cure? My answer will not be too brief. During winter, blanks of raspberries, dried flowers, as well as leaves of this fertile plant can cure all flu-like symptoms and viral cold sores.

Also, crimson jams and compotes can rightfully be called real elixirs of longevity. After all, it is a storehouse of wine, apple, and citric acid. These substances strengthen the vessels and capillaries, destroy the root of sclerosis, and reduce the level of prothrombin.

Raspberries also contain another priceless acid: folic. Do you ask why it is so unique? This fact is good news for expectant mothers. Folic acid is a substance that is extremely necessary for the development of babies, whom they plan to present to the world soon.

There are also other incredible benefits we can get from raspberries. Aside from its fruit, did you know how useful are the flowers of this plant, too? The flowers of raspberry plants can prepare medicinal infusions and ointments that help to treat herpes and hemorrhoids. As for its leaves, you can create remarkable medicine from it since it is successful to use as diuretics as well.

Major diseases that raspberries can help cure

To also give you additional and worthy information, raspberries are also good for the heart. There is research that shows that it is rich in anthocyanins, a substance that helps suppress inflammation that causes cardiovascular diseases. Raspberries also contain potassium that helps in preventing high blood pressure while the fibers that this fruit have helps in managing cholesterol levels, obesity, and stroke.

There were already treatments made that raspberries, specifically Meeker red raspberry, can treat cancers such as breast, colon, and stomach cancer.

What else? Raspberries also can prevent diabetes. As I have mentioned already, it is a sweet fruit but only contains less sugar, perfect for those who love sweets but are high risk of being diabetic.

Raspberries are good for digestion, too, because of their fiber and water content. It helps to manage blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels, and support weight loss.

For those who have poor eyesight, eating raspberries can help your condition. It helps filter out blue light rays which are harmful to the eyes. It also protects the eyes from having a condition called age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

I know there are still many health benefits we can get from raspberries, but these are some of the most important I can share with you.

Other benefits of raspberries

You may now already think of including raspberries to your daily diet because of all the amazing benefits I have shared with you. But there are still some that can surprise you. Raspberries are not just for health and medicinal purposes; it is also widely used for cosmetic purposes that contain vitamins A, E, B2, and B3.

You can also make nutritious masks and mixtures out of raspberries that miraculously transform the appearance of the skin and making your hair delightful. The process of using raspberries in cosmetics is easy, and you can create it at home. You can achieve glowing skin and beauty that is all-natural and cheap, all thanks to the wonders of raspberries.

Some historical information

Before I end this blog entry, I had a desire to go a little deeper about raspberries and tell you a story of how man cultivated the plant.

How long ago did this happen? This half-shrub plant remained wild up to the 4th century of the bygone era. Where does this information come from, is it from ancient chronicles? Of course. They mentioned in ancient writings that people were already planting raspberries in their gardens for a long time. The ancient inhabitants of Greece and Rome actively used its miraculous properties to get rid of the bites of scorpions and all sorts of venomous snakes.

Medieval Europe contributed to the cultivation of raspberries, and several monks promoted this. A little later, the American continent started to have this half-shrub, and from then, the use of raspberries began to be known by many other people.

Okay, I don’t want to get carried away in telling you more about its history. It’s a pity, of course, as I want to provide you with interesting facts, but what can we do? I have already shared with you everything you need to know about raspberries, so it’s time to say goodbye for now.

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  1. Hello, I’ve been reading your blog lately and find this article useful. I’m just curious, is there any difference from eating fresh-picked raspberries from frozen ones? I thought about this since you mentioned in your blog that heating doesn’t change any nutritional values of raspberries, so I want to know if it also applies when it is cold.

Hi, thank you for reading my blog. Well, I don’t think there is much difference. For me, it doesn’t matter whether raspberry is hot or cold; it still retains its vitamins and minerals content. However, I read info from a reliable source that frozen raspberries are more abundant in fiber and vitamin C.

2. I’m trying to lose weight, how can eating raspberries help me with this?

Raspberries are low in calories and are known to be a great source of vitamins and fiber that are good for losing weight. To better help you lose weight, you can eat raspberries instead of desserts and other treats with higher-calorie content.

3. Wow, thank you for sharing this. I want to eat more raspberries now after reading your blog, but is there a limit on how many can I eat in a day?

There is no specific amount, but most nutritionists suggest eating around 400 grams of vegetables and fruits of any kind per day, so this includes raspberries.