What vitamins contain a watermelon berry
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What vitamins contain a watermelon berry?

Friends, I’m glad to welcome you to my home. Today I decided to devote a topic to the berry. One such big and almost round berry. Guessed what I mean? Yes, it will be a question of a watermelon, namely about what vitamins are in a watermelon. After all, for sure, many are interested in what vitamins and minerals this summer berry contains, in what cases it can be useful, and in which cases it is a usual delicacy. Are we proceeding?

What do you associate with summer? But I have … No, do not think, not with watermelons, no matter how I would like to say this for the sake of atmospheric conditions of the article. I have mosquitoes. But for fairness I will say that summer has a lot of “buns” available only at this time of the year. One of these “buns” are watermelons. And why do most of us love them so much?



watermelon vitamins


And is it possible to benefit from summer enjoyment? I will say in advance that it is impossible to answer unequivocally, but do not be in a hurry to get upset. Read the article to the end.

What advantage of a watermelon

The spectrum of vitamin and minerals in watermelon is not too big, but it is difficult to call it small. Another issue is the concentration of these trace elements. But more on that later.

Watermelons are 9/10 water. Well, remember, what kind of desire do you have when you eat a large amount of the pulp of watermelon? Most likely, you want to go to the toilet in a little way. This is the key feature.

Diuretic properties of watermelon allow you to naturally lose weight, in other words – lose weight. But it is worth noting that for a noticeable weight loss you will have to eat not one or two striped balls. Better so: want to correct the figure – eat watermelons, as long as there is an opportunity, that is, throughout their season. And by the fall you can, on average, throw off up to 2 kilograms without much effort. Both pleasant and useful.

By the way, this aspect can be useful for sportsmen of different sports who are preparing for competitions (to lose weight and enter a smaller weight category). Or for athletes who want to dry.


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Also these properties have a purifying effect on many systems and organs of the body. For example, if there are always watermelons, then in a relatively short time you can clean the kidneys of sand (do not confuse with stones). With stones, the situation is quite the opposite: it is better not to provoke a diuretic system to “walk” to the toilet, so as not to cause problems.

In addition to diuretic properties, watermelons affect the formation of bile, that is, they have choleretic effect. This is extremely useful for people suffering from pancreatitis, for example, who have minor problems with the liver, gall bladder, or lack of bile. After all, everything is connected in our body, and because of the seemingly lack of bile, the whole digestive system may suffer (I will not tell the whole chain of processes).

Vitamin and mineral composition

As I said, in watermelon a sufficient number of vitamins and minerals, but their volume, we are just, is not enough. So it will not be possible to eat one slice, and be saturated with all the vitamins. But the output is simple enough, as well as the last time: eat watermelons every day and more, you can even replace them with a drink. I still did not mention drinking? No? Well, then listen, or rather read.


vitamin and minerals in watermelon


This berry perfectly quenches thirst, because (I already said, but I repeat) consists of a lot of water. Therefore, there is nothing to replace the drinking of water with watermelon. But let’s go back to the vitamins.

So, (drum roll!) Watermelon is rich: vitamins – A, C, E, PP, vitamins B (1, 2, 3, 6, 9), minerals – from potassium to phosphorus, including sodium, calcium and magnesium. Yes, the primacy of all trace elements holds potassium – its as much as 110 mg per 100 grams of pulp. The remaining indicators are not so great, but they need the body a day not in such a large number, as many think.

As for caloric content, the calorie content of the “green fat man” does not exceed 30 kilocalories per 100 grams of the product. That once again confirms the value of this berry for people working on their figure. You can eat as much as you like. BUT!

There is one big “BUT”. A large amount of constantly circulating fluid in the body leads to the elution of calcium from the bones. Therefore, I advise you to periodically eat foods rich in calcium, or take calcium in tablets. As you can see, there are also disadvantages.

Despite the fact that this “fruit” is sweet, there are no digestible sugars in its composition. This fact makes it possible for people with diabetes to eat watermelon in moderation.

By the way, I often get to articles on the web about facial masks. Among all the variety there are many recipes, in which watermelon appears. I will not now describe the methods of preparing masks, I will only say that you can get vitamins not only from the digestive system, but also through the skin. If interested, then you can see for yourself how and what affects these or other vitamins and minerals. Fortunately, there is a lot of information about this.


vitamins in watermelon


Be careful, nitrates!

But we all know that not all conscientiously grow these wonderful berries, adding in them a large amount of nitrates. Naturally, we also eat them, reaping the fruits of all the negative consequences. I do not advise buying watermelons and the first batch that appeared on the shelves of stores.

Know, normal watermelons appear around mid-July, and even under it’s end. So be careful: in an effort to enjoy a delicacy and get a dose of vitamins, you can “trailer” get a dose of nitrates.

The article “What vitamins contain a watermelon berry” came to an end. Well, it remains for me to invite you to subscribe to blog updates and share material with your friends on social networks. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments. Bye Bye.