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Vitamins which are so necessary for adults for brain and memory

Hi, everybody! I want to devote today’s post to our gray substance, namely – what as when it is necessary to feed our brain that it worked as hours. In other words, it will be a question of what vitamins for brain and memory it is the best of all for adult to use from what products or nutritional supplements they can be received and also what results can be expected.

I often am at the forums devoted to healthy lifestyle where I was always surprised by huge number of posts about healthy nutrition, exercise machines, weight loss. I practically did not meet competent articles about work and healthy nutrition of our brain. Inhabitants and so consider us “stupid musclemen”, so can it is time correct it?


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Brain and food

Let’s begin with interesting. Here you have resolved to say no to addictions, for example eating of cookies before going to bed. But every evening, shedding tears in soul, you get treasured sweets again and again. Moreover, you buy them every day. Why so? Why will power does not cope? And we have such substance as serotonin which lack leads to such persuasive forms of behavior. Here so, there is no serotonin – to nothing all your grandiose plans.

So, I will walk on key points:

  • Serotonin – the king of good mood, and also control over appetite. First of all pay attention to products which promote its development — bananas, brown not polished rice, beet, cottage cheese, mackerel, salmon, turkey, sunflower seeds not fried. These products contain amino acid tryptophane. Actually, tryptophane it is possible to buy as vitamin supplement L-tryptophane or 5-HTP (5 hydroxytryptophane).
  • Dopamine. The lack of this substance of our brain does us strongly distracted. Five minutes ago we solved problem of trigonometry, and already we chew roll. Again lack of control! Pay attention to chicken meat, eggs, oat flakes. These products are rich tiroziny, amino acid which as additive is used in the form of L-Tirozina.


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When emotions get the best

You probably noticed that the bulk of the wrong food is eaten in the period of grief, despair, boredom? We find the reason in work of our brain again. The limbic system is responsible for emotions and experiences at us and if she, strangely enough, shows too high activity, we become hostages of own feelings. So, that will help us:

Vitamin D. This substance is called not for nothing happiness vitamin, in fact, so it also is. Rigid shortage of vitamin D which we sharply test in the winter results in apathy, irritability, despondency. As additive to food use D3 vitamin, it is better in the form of drops.

The correct fats, namely polynonsaturated fatty acids (in the people of PNZhK) the Omega-3. The most known, all “favourite” medicine from the childhood – cod-liver oil. It is just well of the correct fats.

In general our brain almost completely consists of fat so, going on the fat-free diet, you risk to spoil the powers of thinking strongly.

So, dear girls and boys wishing to clean fat – fall in love with avocado and fish. You do not want cod-liver oil? It does not matter – buy olive or linseed oil, and also the Omega-3 is on sale as vitamin supplement.

Attention, difficult name! S-adenozilmetionin. To return itself emotional control, we need to fill stocks of this coenzyme.

Alarm signal

One more whim of our brain is condition of uneasiness., It seems, you understand that everything is good that to be afraid or worry about something there is no sense that all problems are solved. But some bad thought or even feeling with which you all the time in tension sits inside.

Someone says that uneasiness arises because of the quashed feelings. And I have information that this opposite state can be provoked by the low level of gamma aminooleic acid (GAMK).

Let’s say you feel uneasiness. As if you tried, first of all you want to clean this unpleasant feeling. The relaxation will not help if you do not provide to the brain necessary nutritious elements which will restore work of the departments which are responsible for lack of alarm. In this case are bananas, broccoli, spinach, brown rice, lentil, nuts. Besides products it is possible to provide the brain with the additives containing GAMK, for example L-teaninom.

I advise those who tries to lose weight to pay special attention to this substance. Almost all failures on diet are connected with uneasiness. The food, especially sweet and high-calorie, is powerful antidepressant (the truth, result of its frequent application can lead to depression again).


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Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten

Let’s talk about memory. It is the difficult process directly depending on abilities of our brain. We come back to fat again. If you after all have decided to refuse completely fats, you are threatened by sclerosis. Yes, you will be scattered, forgetful and in general the capable fat-free person is not enough on what.

Remember – useful fats make membrane of our cages, including nervous. There is no fat – there is no conductivity. There is no conductivity – there is no signal transmission. There is no signal transmission – you have again forgotten where have put phone. Generally, buy the Omega-3.

And here directly such substance as acetylcholine is responsible for memory at us. To increase its level, it is necessary to accept Lecithin and L-carnitine, and also pantothenic acid.

Let’s sum up the results. I hope, at me it has turned out to inform of thought that brain it is necessary to feed correctly. Various listed products and vitamins are simply necessary for adults for brain and memory.

We do not forget about fats! Dear readers, eat properly and regularly, do not forget about sport, and the brain will tell you for this thanks.

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