What foods can not be eaten while losing weight
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What foods can not be eaten while losing weight?

Greetings. From today’s article you will learn: what foods can not be eaten with losing weight, a list of these products, how they affect the increase in excess weight, and also some other small things from this area. Believe me, the information is quite useful not only for those who lose weight, but also for those who simply “dry”.


what foods can not be eaten with losing weight


I already said, about what foods you can eat while reducing excess weight, and it’s time to tell about products that you can not use, or you can, but very little. There are not so many such products, so it’s hard to puzzle their cuts in the diet, especially since they can be successfully replaced. What – I’ll tell you later.




What can not be more – fats or carbohydrates?

I can only answer that both this and that can be, but in what quantities? If to compare in a percentage parity, fats can be consumed more: a maximum of 10% from all daily food. And carbohydrates are at the level of 25%.

It may seem that 25 is more than 10, but in this case it is not so. If in normal conditions a person eats about 50% of carbohydrates (we are talking about fast carbohydrates), then 25% with a decrease in weight is a miser. While the amount of fat can not change at all. So it turns out that fats can be eaten more than carbohydrates, although with them you should not overdo it. More specifically, something that is fatty (but not too much) can be eaten once a day, provided that 5 meals a day.

Above I wrote that it was about fast carbohydrates. So, there are also slow ones that you can have. But not the essence. All this I say so that you do not confuse “soft with warm,” as Walter White said. Do you know this?

I will repeat once again: fast can not (more accurately possible, but very little, and if you train), you can slow.

Why carbohydrates are cut down? Yes, because they are the cause of the deposition of fat tissue we have with you. Yes, it’s not the fat that we eat, but fast carbohydrates, which the body recycles into human fat.

Products that are not recommended for weight loss and drying

I will divide immediately into categories, and afterwards we will examine in detail each of them: sweet, bakery products, sweet fruits, pasta, dough products, fatty meat and fish, fatty dairy products.


This can include everything that is sweet – sweets, sugar, cakes, cookies, chocolate (if not black) and all that stuff, but not honey (if it’s without the addition of sugar).

Bakery products

This category includes the same cakes, cookies, bread, rolls, bagels – everything that is baked and somehow touches the dough. But there is one “but”: black or otrubnoy bread – it can. By the way, rice biscuits can be an excellent bread substitute for losing weight. Keep in mind.

Sweet fruits

This category is slippery enough, because there are fruits that are sweet, but you can eat them, for example, bananas (one per day). The rest can only be eaten by those who are engaged in sports or attending gyms. But in this case their reception is limited. By the way, sweet fruit is used for drying, eating something immediately after training in a small amount to spur on metabolism and accelerate the burning of fat reserves of the body. Yes, it happens, but only experienced athletes and athletes are able to use this method.


sweet fruits


Pasta and dough products

No, it does not include bread and derivatives, there are pasta, spaghetti, dumplings, vareniki, khinkali and the like. They can not be eaten.


As a separate subcategory, I derived starchy vegetables, but since we often eat only potatoes, we will talk about it. It can be eaten once in three days, but it is worth completely removing the fried potatoes or fries. Here, in general, and fat is high, and carbohydrates.

Fatty meat and fish

As you understand, here it’s not the carbohydrates, but the amount of fat. Any product that falls into this category is rich in fats, and exceeds the permissible 10% per day. Therefore, try to replace non-fat varieties.


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What can replace “prohibited” products?

Well, the first is analogues products, as in the case of meat or fish: we replace fatty pork with chicken fillets, for example. Try to continue to follow this pattern. But there are times when there is nothing to replace. Then it is worthwhile to understand the composition of the product and replace it with those in which this composition is partially present. For example, potatoes can be replaced with vegetables, herbs.

But eating another way to “deceive” your body – sports supplements. As you know, in our muscles is creatine, although in small quantities. He is responsible for many things. And it turns out that with reduction of certain products, its replenishment also decreases. So it will not work. Therefore, you should buy creatine monohydrate in order to avoid such a problem. In the same spirit, you can do with other additives, but to replace them with a full meal is strictly prohibited.


sports supplements


Well, on this all – what foods can not be eaten with weight loss, a list and so on – all of their promises fulfilled. And with you, dear readers, subscribe to blog updates, comments on the article, and also do not forget to share with your friends on social networks. All the best.