What foods can not be eaten while losing weight
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What foods can not be eaten while losing weight?

Greetings! From today’s article, you will learn the foods you need to avoid eating while losing weight, how they affect the increase in excess weight, and also some other small things from this area. Believe me, the information is quite useful not only for those who are trying to lose weight but also for those who are simply “drying.”

I already discussed what foods you can eat while reducing excess weight, and now it’s time to tell you about the products you can’t eat (or you can, but very little). Don’t worry since there are not so many products you must avoid, especially that they can be successfully replaced with something more nutritious. What is it? I’ll tell you later, so keep on reading.

The content of the article:

What to eat less: fats or carbohydrates?

When trying to lose weight, both fats and carbohydrates intake should be lessened in certain quantities. For example, fats can be consumed at a maximum of 10% of your daily food intake and carbohydrates are at the level of 25%.

In normal conditions, a person eats about 50% of carbohydrates (we are talking about fast carbohydrates), a 25% decrease in our total carbohydrates daily intake is nothing compare to 10% in fats since we eat lesser fats in a day. So it simply means that fats can be eaten more than carbohydrates, although you should still not overeat both. For fatty foods, it can be eaten once a day, provided that you eat 5 meals a day.

I only mentioned eating less fast carbohydrates, so there are still some that you can have: the soft carbs.

For those who are not familiar yet with what fast and slow carbohydrates mean, I will give you brief information about it. The Glycemic Index (GI) plays an important role in determining which are fast and slow.

GI measures the rate of carbohydrates you digested in your body. Its scale ranges from 0–100, where the GI of 100 is equal to the rate of pure sugar. The higher the GI is, the higher insulin and energy level can be found from the source of carbohydrates.

Therefore, fast carbohydrates are those with 55 or higher GI and can be absorbed into our bloodstream faster while slow carbohydrates have lesser GI and affect our blood sugar levels over a longer period of time.

So there you have it, you understand now why fast and slow carbohydrates are called that way.

I will repeat once again: fast carbs should be lessened but slow carbs can be eaten, but still in moderation.

But why should we cut down carbohydrates when we are trying to lose weight? Because they are the cause of fat tissue build-up in our body, specifically the fast carbohydrates, which the body recycles into human fat.

Products that are not recommended for weight loss and drying

Here is the list of foods I encourage you not to eat if you are undergoing weight loss or drying. Take note of all these to help you gain success in losing weight.


This can include everything that is sweet such as sugar, cakes, cookies, chocolate (except dark chocos), and all similar stuff, except pure honey since it doesn’t have added sugar.

Bakery products

This category includes cakes, cookies, bread, rolls, bagels, and everything that is baked and made from dough. But there is one exception: the black or otrubnoy bread. By the way, rice biscuits can be an excellent bread substitute for losing weight, so keep that in mind.

Sweet fruits

This category might be a bit confusing because there are fruits that are sweet that you can eat, for example, bananas (one per day). The rest can only be eaten by those who are engaged in sports or working out in gyms. But in this case, their reception is limited. By the way, sweet fruit is used for drying, eating something immediately after training in a small amount to spur your metabolism and accelerate the burning of fat in your body. Yes, it happens, but only experienced athletes are able to use this method.

Pasta and dough products

No, it does not include bread and derivatives, we are referring here to pasta, spaghetti, dumplings, vareniki, khinkali, and the likes. These foods should also not be eaten.

Junk foods

One of the most diet-sabotaging foods for those who are trying to lose weight are junk foods. Potato chips are the most favorite junk foods by many. If you are fond of eating these kinds of food, you better stop now. These foods contain less nutritional values and dietary fiber, so it will only increase unhealthy fats in your body.

Fast foods

Are you a fan of burgers, fries, and other meals available in fast food chains? Similar to junk foods, these foods can also bring unnecessary fats in the body. People who often eat fast food meals have a higher chance of being bloated, so avoid all these foods as well.

Fatty meat and fish

Any product that falls into this category is rich in fats and exceeds the permissible 10% of daily fat intake. Therefore, try to replace non-fat varieties to control the number of fats in your body.

Processed meats

Okay, meats again, but these times we’re talking about processed meats such as hotdogs, sausages, hams, and the likes. These foods can also exceed the percentage of fats you need to eat per day, so look for better alternatives.

Alcoholic drinks and diet soda

Studies have shown that as few as two drinks of alcoholic beverages can increase the amount of food we consume, as it alters our perception of food allowing us to think that all foods in front of us are delicious to eat. Yes, you can still drink your favorite wine or beer but make sure to drink a glass of water in between and avoid sugary cocktails.

In regards to diet soda, don’t be fooled by its name since it won’t help in your diet plan and weight loss. Diet sodas contain more sugar since artificial sweeteners are used in it. Artificial sweeteners are the cause of excessive long-term weight gain, so it’s safer to not drink this at all.

What are the alternative products you can use?

In the case of meat or fish, you can replace fatty pork with chicken fillets, for example. Try to continue to follow this pattern. In the case when there is nothing to replace, then it is worthwhile to understand the composition of the product and replace it with those in which this composition is partially present. For example, potatoes can be replaced with vegetables and herbs.

There is also another way to take in our body when we are left with no food options: sports supplements. As you know, our muscles contain creatine, although in small quantities. It is responsible for many things like helping our muscles to produce more energy. Therefore, you should buy a creatine monohydrate in order to avoid weakness in your muscles. But you must remember that choosing to take supplements and additives to replace a full meal is strictly prohibited.

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  1. I’m not trying to lose weight (well, I think sort of), but I started eating more fruits for the past months to avoid a bloated stomach. I read in your article to avoid sweet fruits and bananas can be eaten, but what other fruits should I avoid to make sure I’m doing my diet right. I hope you can reply, and more power to your blog.

Thank you for your comment. I’m glad to help you with your concern. Some of the fruits I know that can prevent your goal of losing weight and flat stomach are, of course, bananas and other fruits that are not too sweet such as berries and citrus fruits (mandarins and oranges). A little reminder, before you eat these fruits, especially citrus, make sure you have eaten some meals first.

2. Hi, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and I currently started dieting since I have more time to focus now on my diet. But I’m thinking if it’s good to have cheat days sometimes. You know, there are days when I can’t fight my cravings, lol! I want to know what you think and if it will affect my weight loss, thanks!

Hi, thank you for reading my blog! You know, it’s okay to have cheat days sometimes if you are currently working to lose your weight, why? It’s to avoid binge eating and reduce your cravings. But this must be done in moderation and control. Make a schedule on which day you will decide as a cheat day, list the number of foods you must only take, and strictly follow it.