What is ecdysterone
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What is ecdysterone?

Hello dear readers! For today’s article, we will be going to talk about steroids and their effect on the human body. Furthermore, we will precisely focus on emphasizing what Ecdysterone is. We will be focusing on the steroid that of the main drugs in the production of which the ecdysteroid base is laid.


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Let us try to understand what steroids are and will determine its pros and cons to the human body.

The word “steroid” was derived from Greek origin which has the meaning of being “solid”. Ecdysterone may come as in a form of anabolic steroids, which means that it is artificially created and is similarly or having an identical composition as testosterone hormones. It is man-made biologically active compounds that are closely resembles cortisol. Cortisol is the hormone that your body produces by natural ways.

The male hormone or commonly known as testosterone has two main functions in the human body: It is sexual and androgenic that allows distinction between male and female in terms of body structure, form, etc. Secondly, it is anabolic, it means that this such drug is responsible for the maintenance, growth, and development of an individual’s muscle.

Despite having positive and negative feedbacks about taking this steroid drugs, I will still expound and describe some potential pros and cons of the effect on the human body.

Benefit and harm

Of course, the benefits and harmful effects on humans cannot be set aside. You need to know some important points about this. The facts that you will be encountering should be noted all the time as it will help you throughout the process of your health journey. There will be some facts that might prevent or hinder you to do your daily health routine but always make sure to take it as a tool for you to be a better person.


  • Edysterones helps you recover strength and energy when in the intensive training process
  • It stimulates faster growth for muscles
  • The steroid drugs can provide a significant increase in power endurance which is useful for training processes.
  • The metabolic processes in your body will pass in a more intensive mode if steroids are in participation.

We can conclude that the above pluses will help you achieve your desired result, probably in a short period. Always expect that the potentiality of results will likely depend on the intensive training you are doing with. Anabolic steroids will achieve nothing if taken as is.


  • Taking this kind of steroid may cause possible health problems like a significant blow to the liver.
  • It also alters the human sexual functioning because it ceases the production of male hormones.
  • Lastly, it may trigger problems with blood pressure and cholesterol in the blood.

We can conclude that in the worlds of anabolic steroids, it is like medicines that are essential but sometimes have harmful effects on the human body when taken improperly.

what is ecdysterone




Let us now talk further into one particular steroid substance, the ecdysterone.

Ecdysterone is a class of hormones that are androgens of insects. This hormones is responsible for the molting and reproduction. According to a research analysis, ingestion of the said hormones may be helpful for human and is good for increasing the muscle mass in your body.

It is one of the main components of all drugs and with similar names as to others (eg, ecdystene, beta ecdysone, etc.). There are some perspectives that this substance or drug is purely made up of plant bases with the production of Leuzea and the vita of Turkestan but it seems not true.

This steroid is present in worms, beetles, and butterflies. But those insects share very small than of optimal way of synthesis among the listed plants.

It has been officially represented in the medical industry in the 60s of the 20th century. The authorship belongs to a German scientist. At the beginning of the 21st century, scientists from different countries (the United States, Germany, etc.), conducted in-depth studies on the effects of ecdysterone on the human body. Experts have obtained several conclusions as a result of the conducted experiments and revealed numerous interesting facts.

Ecdysterone significantly reduced the accumulation of fat mass in the human body and can lead to the significant acquisition of huge muscle mass. This may also help in developing the bones and cartilaginous tissues necessary for people who actively involved in intense sports.

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Based on the active substance of ecdysteroids, a non-hormonal herbal preparation was created and called as asteroid. The main advantages of this drug are the pronounced anabolic and stimulating effects can be achieved when taking it. In the manufacturing and creation of this asteroid, the synthesis was done based on various plants such as the Leuzea, Safflower, and Turkestan that made it possible to obtain a non-hormonal plant steroid.

So what is the difference between typical steroids and other ecdysterone-containing drugs? We should take note that the presence of steroids in any form is an important component from the point of view of modern medicine.

There are recent clinical studies that the anabolic activity of turcesterone is highly more effective on the human body. The sufficiency of the main substance (turcesterone) for every capsule has a specific fraction of 65 milligrams which are very significant for increasing the effect.

In addition, since it has significant effects on the human body, it is also worth paying attention to the possible side effects of the drugs. Nevertheless, due to the fact that this drug performs well, it does not affect the production of the body’s own testosterone.


effects of ecdysterone


In contrary to the misconceptions that such steroid is suitable only for athletes – Siloviki, proved that even in gaming and cyclic sports, steroids could perfectly suit and can greatly increase the physical endurance of a person.


If you will choose this such steroid, always consider the possible side effects when taking it. Typically, it may take up to 30 days but still will help you to solve many health problems that are related to sports.

Also, ecdysterone should not be used to treat some ailments but rather just use as a supplement for your body when in intense workout or sports. Ecdysterone will give you a huge increase on performance and endurance so that you will last longer doing your exercise or duty. Taking this steroid should be controlled. You may always ask for advice from health experts.

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  1. What is Ecdysterone? – It is a chemical substance that can usually be found in insects and plants. Some athletes and sports enthusiasts use this for the improvement of performance and to gain huge muscle mass.
  2. Does ecdysterone work? – Based on several studies, it is proven to increase a person’s work capability and it might decrease fat and lean muscle mass.
  3. Can you give some misconceptions about ecdysterone? – A lot of people say that this steroid affects a person’s testosterone. But several studies say that it has nothing to do with the increased testosterone level.