What is ecdysterone
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What is ecdysterone?

Hello, dear readers. In my today’s article there will be a talk about steroids and their effect on the human body. And to be more precise, we will try to understand more deeply what Ecdysterone is from itself. The asteroid, one of the main drugs in the production of which the ecdysteroid base is laid, will also be the focus of our attention.




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So, let’s try in an accessible form to understand what steroids are, and how much the opinion of the benefits and harms to the human body.

The meaning of the word steroid has a Greek origin and in free translation means – solid. Anabolic steroids, which include and created on the basis of ecdysterone – an asteroid, are an artificially created version of the all known hormone – testosterone.

Testosterone is responsible in our body for two main functions: androgenic, it is also sexual, allowing to divide the mankind into men and women. And the second, most interesting to us – anabolic. Just the anabolic function and is responsible for the growth and maintenance of the muscles of the person in tonus.

There are many supporters and opponents of taking steroid drugs. Without imposing my opinion, I will describe the possible pros and cons of the effects of steroids on the human body.



Benefit and harm


  • The opportunity for a more intensive training process, due to a significant reduction in the time to restore the body
  • The increase in muscle mass occurs in a shorter time
  • A significant increase in power endurance, which, in turn, has a beneficial effect on the training process
  • Metabolic processes in the body under the influence of steroids pass in a more intensive mode

If you summarize the above pluses, you can come to the next – taking steroids will allow you to achieve the desired result in a shorter period of time. But do not forget at the same time that the expected result is possible only against the backdrop of an intensive training process, magically, taking only anabolic steroids, you will not achieve anything.


  • To the main problems that are possible with the reception of steroids, it is worth attributing possible health problems. First of all, the body receives a significant blow to the liver.
  • Next, we should note a violation of sexual functions. This is due to the fact that the body, getting what it needs from the outside, ceases to produce the much needed male hormones.
  • Possible problems with blood pressure and cholesterol in the blood.

If we sum up our little digression into the world of anabolic steroids, then it should be noted that, like any medicine, steroids in some way help a person, and in some cases can harm the body.


what is ecdysterone



But now we will try to delve into the topic of one particular steroid substance – ecdysterone.

Ecdysterone is the main component of all drugs with similar names (eg, ecdystene, beta ecdysone, etc.). The prevailing view that it is a purely plant steroid, based on the production of Leuzea and the vita of Turkestan, is not entirely true.

Ecdysterone is present in worms, beetles, butterflies, but its share is so small that the optimal way of synthesis still remains of the listed plants.

Officially represented in medicine in the 60s of the XX century. The authorship belongs to the German scientist. Already at the beginning of the XXI century, scientists from a number of countries (the United States, Germany, etc.), conducted in-depth studies on the effects of ecdysterone on the human body. The main conclusions obtained as a result of the conducted experiments revealed a number of interesting facts.

Ecdysterone significantly reduced the accumulation of fat mass in the body and led to a significant hobby of muscle mass, which is required for anabolic steroids. There was also a positive effect on bone and cartilaginous tissues, which is important for people actively involved in sports.


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And on the basis of the active substance of ecdysteroids, a non-hormonal herbal preparation was created, which was called an asteroid. The main advantages of this drug are the pronounced anabolic and stimulating effects achieved when taking an asteroid. In the manufacture of an asteroid, the synthesis was based on plants such as the Leuzea safflower and the Turkestan wort, which made it possible to obtain a non-hormonal plant preparation – an asteroid.

So what’s the difference between an asteroid and other ecdysterone-containing drugs? Here we should note the presence in the asteroid of such an important component, from the point of view of modern medicine, as turcesteron.

Recent clinical studies have shown that the anabolic activity of turcesterone is several times more effective in its effect on the body. Also worth noting is a sufficiently high dosage of the main substance (turcesterone) in each capsule. Its specific fraction is 65 mg. Per capsule, which significantly increases the effect of taking this substance.

In addition to effective effects on the body, it is worth paying attention to the lack of side effects. This is achieved due to the fact that performing the role of the strongest anabolic, at the same time, the asteroid does not affect the production of the body’s own testosterone.


effects of ecdysterone


Contrary to the prevailing misconception that such drugs are suitable only for athletes – siloviki, the asteroid perfectly suits both representatives of gaming and cyclic sports, greatly increasing the overall physical endurance of the organism.


If you chose the asteroid, consider that the maximum effect can be obtained with a course reception, the optimal duration of which is 30 days. Having chosen the ecdysterone asteroid, you will solve many problems related to active sports.

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