What is maltodextrin

What is maltodextrin and for what is it used?

Hello, my dear readers! My new article will be devoted to such a component as maltodextrin. That this, the benefit and harm of this component – all this will be reflected in my article.




Dashing 90-s, when in our country there was a huge number of different kinds of products of questionable content, safely left behind. And now, most of us, before buying any food for ourselves, are wondering – what is included in its composition?

Most of the titles do not say anything to the average person, but in the most common ones one needs to be guided. So, what is maltodextrin? Another name, more familiar to us, is molasses.

If the process of hydrolysis of starch is carried out, then as a result special molecules – dextrins are formed. In its pure form it is colorless, resembling liquid syrup in consistency. If the resulting component is subjected to special drying, the result is a white powder with a pronounced sweet taste.





If we take the industrial scale of production, then it should be noted that maltodextrin is most common in the following industries:

  • Pharmacology – maltodextrin as an auxiliary substance serves as a flavor additive to certain medicines, is also part of a number of prebiotics responsible for the normalization of the intestinal microflora.
  • Food industry – is used in various qualities, from the core it is possible to distinguish the taste enhancer, baking powder. Often used as a thickener.
  • Cosmetic industry – also, the main function of using in the role of thickener when creating various kinds of creams, shampoos and gels.
  • In sports – in the manufacture of sports nutrition, as a source of carbohydrates.

Operating principle

From all of the above, we can conclude that maltodexin on our life path occurs to us more than once. Let’s try to figure out how he behaves, getting into our body.

It’s no secret that glucose is the main source of energy for the human body. Accumulating in the muscles and liver of a person, it, as necessary, is used by the body for its own needs.

Usually glucose enters the body with foods containing carbohydrates. And this is just starch and is one of the complex carbohydrates, with the hydrolysis of which dextrin is obtained. Here we are with you and went to the fact that maltodextrin is inherently glucose.

The only difference is that the process of splitting maltodextrin occurs already in the small intestine, which provides the human body with a systematic intake of glucose into the blood.


use of maltodextrin


Maltodextrin: the arguments for and against

And now every curious consumer, buying a product containing maltodextrin in his composition, is asked quite reasonable question: how useful is this component and will it harm our body? And here we come to a fairly trivial truth – like any other product, maltodextrin can be beneficial to the human body, but certain risk factors associated with the consumption of maltodextrin can not be ruled out.

First of all, people with a disease such as diabetes mellitus or having a tendency to this disease are at risk. This is due to the fact that maltodextrin is similar in composition to molasses and starch, which means that it is the carrier of a sufficiently high glycemic index, which, in turn, is characterized by the release of a large amount of sugar into the human blood.

However, this problem can be seen on the other hand – for people unwilling to take diabetes maltodextrin is a kind of prevention, because it causes the production of insulin, so necessary for a healthy person.

Also, when you eat maltodextrin, you need to know exactly what product was produced from the beginning. Absolutely safe maltodextrin, produced from corn or rice. But if the initial product is wheat, then you should pay attention to the individual tolerance of gluten, which is contained in wheat.


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The huge advantage of this component is that it is absolutely safe for allergy sufferers without causing allergic reactions. Another important advantage in the use of maltodextrin is the fact that, being in the body, it fulfills the functions of fiber, and therefore cleans it of various kinds of slag, radionuclides and heavy metals.



For people who seriously engage in sports, maltodextrin is an excellent source of energy, restoring strength after the training process. And now I’ll tell you more about sports nutrition …

Place maltodextrin in sports nutrition

As I mentioned above, maltodextrin is among the best sources of carbon for the human body. Perfectly copes with the task of replenishing glycogen stores in muscles, while ensuring gradual absorption of glucose into the circulatory system of man.

Therefore, for people who lead an active lifestyle, regularly engaged in sports and physical culture, the introduction of maltodextrin into their diet is guaranteed to ensure a full-fledged replenishment of the body with glucose, which is so important for a full recovery.

To accept or not to take maltodextrin is a decision that everyone must take for themselves. This component is available to a wide range of consumers, and according to the results of our article, we can conclude that maltodextrin for most people is absolutely harmless, and there are many cases when it can bring huge benefits to your body.


maltodextrin in sports nutrition


In my article I tried to reveal for you all the nuances concerning the food additive maltodextrin, what is it, the benefit and harm of this component for the human body. On this I say goodbye to you, subscribe to our updates, share links to this and other blog articles on social networks. I await your comments about this and other blog articles. See you soon!