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What is pamping? Pamping training

The word pamping began to be used in human use for a long time. This phrase is used by many beginning athletes and actively apply tactics of this reception in the sports activities. And today in article we will in more detail talk about what is pamping in bodybuilding.


what is pamping




What is pumping?

The Pamping – one of the technician of physical exercises as a result of whom to muscles large amount of blood arrives and arises feeling that they increase. Undoubtedly, each athlete, after the training could suffer it – when his muscles were as if inflated, and wanted to escape outside.

Such feeling has short-term character. And when after a while blood cools down, muscles gradually come back to the state, habitual for organism.

It is possible to achieve effect of pamping only in case of active physical trainings which will be directed to specific muscular groups. Example, long repetitions of exercise on hand biceps when after 10-20 repetitions at you the biceps just is broken off and increases in volumes.

Pamping in bodybuilding

Very often many professional athletes use effect pamping. It allows to build up it muscle bulk for a short time.

There are three main types:

  1. The Pamping in bodybuilding – is applied before performances to pour muscle blood and to give them volume.
  2. Productive – is used at trainings, for growth of muscles.
  3. Pharmacological – is reached by means of additional medicines.

Unfortunately, not all correctly understand value of this method of occupations. The beginning athletes very often are mistaken when they on each occupation apply this effect. They consider that if daily to pump up the muscles and to increase to them blood stream, then the mass of their muscles will increase to the incredible sizes.

In bodybuilding specially apply this method to pour the muscles blood before performances. It helps muscles to increase with volumes and to have more beautiful appearance.

The fact that most of scientists have already proved if to use this equipment in daily trainings without addition with any physical exercises, then it will not be able independently to help to increase muscle bulk is known not to all. Let’s understand together why so occurs.


pamping in bodybuilding


Each athlete who long time is engaged in sport knows that for increase in mass of muscles it is necessary to lift heavy weight (dumbbells, weights and others), at the same time the quantity of raisings in one approach has to be from four to eight. If only occupations are carried out according to such program, the athlete manages to achieve enormous results. But it is necessary not to forget at the same time about what to give all the best at training, it is necessary for all hundred percent.

Often “large guys” who are engaged in gym hall not so often, are sure of what it will be to perform enough only the main exercises on 1 time. They have as if pumped up groups of muscles and with peace of mind go home, expecting effect of increase in muscles due to blood heating, push up bars. And here professionals in this case arrive more competently. Having executed pamping, they consider it insufficient and to set the received result can perform several additional exercises which will be made in couple of approaches.

But you should not be upset ahead of time! Application of pamping at trainings all the same brings the results. There is one very popular method most of which of bodybuilders use. It is called “easy and difficult training weeks”.

Influence of pamping on organism

The essence is in working one muscle several tens of times for approach. This method provides powerful inflow of blood and allows to increase muscle bulk. But the pamping does not increase bicepses but only helps to make trainings more productive. And it will be pumped up or not the athlete, depends on how diligent and correctly he is engaged. The Pamping participates only as auxiliary actions.


  • Promotes food of bodies and fabrics (at training of vein and capillaries extend and the blood-groove occurs many times quicker).
  • Increases endurance
  • Helps to increase weight (fibers will be increased only at observance of all recommendations, alone the pamping will not award to you with muscles).
  • “Burns” subcutaneous fat
  • Ability to feel the muscles (the pamping gives the chance on full to experience each muscle).
  • Extension of fastion (at regular trainings of fastion remain in the stretched situation and allow to grow further muscular tissue).
  • Exhaustion of cardiovascular system.
  • The accelerated combustion of muscular tissue, especially that to whom troubles it to gather.




Equipment “Easy and difficult training weeks”

The essence of such activities consists in the following. The first week of trainings begins with occupations in which small loadings are used. They are carried out with the small number of approaches. Four six approaches are considered optimal variant. It is obligatory to give all the best at the same time at full scale, otherwise the result will not be.

As a result of muscle first as if collapse, and later some period they are restored and become even stronger and stronger. In sport it is accepted to call such process set of muscle bulk.

It is not necessary to torment itself with the strongest training processes weekly. It you will not achieve the desirable objective. Muscles need certain amount of time to be restored and come to usual tone, that is to be ready to physical exercises.

For this reason professional athletes have chosen tactics of serial trainings: one week of easy loadings, the subsequent – heavy. As a result of muscle do not collapse daily, and have enough time for the restoration. When after easy loadings you start week of heavy exercises, at this moment and there is active set of mass of muscles.


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If not to do rest and to train without days off, then it is possible to get organism exhaustion, and at all it is possible not to remember set of muscle bulk.

Remember one simple rule: in order that muscles increased in weight to them it is necessary to give time for rest and restoration. Only implementing that recommendation it is possible to achieve desirable result.

Professionals recommend to apply pamping during easy training weeks. But in this case it is necessary to be the accuratest as the risk that you overload the muscles, all the same is available. It is better to perform the minimum and simplest exercises in several approaches.



Pamping training

When you start trainings on easy week, give to muscles such loadings that blood flowed to them gradually and did not cause destructive processes from within.

Example: in difficult week you will lift bar on biceps weighing forty kilograms in several approaches. That already on following it is necessary to clean all weight and to lift 70% of maximum for maximum of repetitions. The number of approaches at the same time can fluctuate from two to three. Such exercise will be enough in order body building training programs that certain amount of blood has come to biceps, but they remained in integrity and safety. It gives them the chance to be restored and rehabilitated after week of heavy loadings.

Remember: the pamping without the main power training is useless. It has to be used in the form of addition to the main training and only then there will be from it effect of growth of muscle bulk.

That muscles were better restored and gained bigger weight it is necessary to increase the number of rest with each training!

The training of pamping is very easy. Everything that it is necessary to change serially it load of certain muscular groups. You work at difficult week on full, but on easy are obliged to reduce loading in two, and even bigger number of times.

Your main goal of training for an easy week is to allow the maximum flow of blood to the muscles, but not to harm them!

Undoubtedly, the equipment of pamping is very useful and effective. But results can achieve only if to adhere to the correct tactics of trainings and not to forget about food. Now you understand what is pamping and as it is used by bodybuilders. Thanks for attention!