What is triathlon

What is triathlon? Distances and versions

Hello, my dear readers. My today’s article will be enlightened triathlon. From this article you will learn what a triathlon is in sports, types of triathlon, the subtleties of this unusual sport.

Already on the basis of the name, you can guess that it will go about some kind of sports all-around, which includes three kinds of sport.




The classical triathlon belongs to summer sports and includes the following sports disciplines: swimming on open water, run and cycle racing. Depending on distances in each of the listed disciplines also the carrying out format the triatlonnykh of competitions varies.

In our article we will in detail stop on various options of thriathlon for now we begin with the sources.




History of occurrence

Monasteries of the homeland of modern thriathlon are taken away by right to itself by France. In this European country, in the twenties the last century, there have taken place competitions, on the format as close as possible to modern thriathlon.

The competitions looked like the following: athletes ran a 3 km distance, cycled 12 kilometers, and then swam across the water channel, about 200 meters wide.

New sporting fun was not only liked by the people of France. In the future, this sport gradually earned popularity in Europe and North America. It was in Hawaii that the first official competitions were held at the distances later to become classic in the triathlon.


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Now distances in this sports all-round can be divided into two conditional groups: short which also the distance which is included in the program of the Summer Olympic Games, and long distances enters.

Competitions at long distances are held with the certain restrictions connected with the ban to break away at bicycle stages. Do not forget that at competitions in triathlon of any level, certain sequence of stages is maintained: swimming – the bicycle – run.


types of triathlon


So, we will sort in more detail the most widespread distances:


Includes one and a half kilometers in water, then forty kilometers by bicycle and as end, ten-kilometer running distance. This format is applied at the Olympic Games and the World Cups, and also at all competitions which are taking place under the auspices of the international federation of thriathlon.


Unlike Olympic, each of distances is cut by half: 0.75+20+5. In the international format competitions at such distance are usually held for youthful age.


Still twice reduced (0.375+10+2.5 km.), it is usually used at the amateur level or for beginners to be engaged in thriathlon.


Swimming of 3.86 km. + bicycle of 180 km. + running distance of 42.2 km. The competitions enjoying special popularity in thriathlon the world. For overcoming similar distance the athlete has to have excellent physical shape. Even participation in similar race highly is quoted in sporting world, and prize-winners and winners forever remain in the history of thriathlon.

Competitive process

At the initial stage of the triathlon competition for each athlete is allocated an individual seat in the so-called transit zone. There, athletes store their equipment and inventory, in this case a bicycle.

After distribution on individual zones athletes are invited to start of the first type of thriathlon – swimming in open water.

Taking into account that all athletes start at the same time, it is important to appear on the first meters of distance in the leading group, otherwise it will be rather difficult to overtake leaders in the course of heat.

The distance by tradition has triangular shape. The standard style of swimming in which athletes pass swimming stage, crawl. Exactly floating this style it is possible to gather the largest speed. But after all it is necessary to consider that competitions in water are not won. It is almost impossible to make powerful breakaway during swimming, usually main task of athletes at the first stage to finish in group of leaders.


classical triathlon


After the termination of swimming stage the athlete takes away the bicycle from the transit place, puts on helmet and goes to exit from transit zone. And having only left transit zone, the athlete has the right to begin the movement by bicycle.

The cycle racing stage is key in respect of fight for victory. There is set of various strategy of maintaining cycle racing stage. Everything depends on individual training of the athlete, his physical shape of competitions at present.

Someone tries to shoot ahead, having created himself necessary reserve before running part of all-round. The athletes confident in the forces at running stage, try to save as much as possible forces and to finish the second stage in the general group.

The second stage also comes to an end in transit zone where athletes leave the bicycle, change the shoes and go to running distance. In run the strongest is also defined. Often, the winner is defined by the last meters of distance when in finish gate and there is identification of the winner.

Kinds of triathlon

As often happens in popular sports disciplines, many similar species are formed on the basis of one sport, but with certain differences. The triathlon, which served as a basis for a number of related sports, was no exception. Here are some of them:

  1. Cross-country. Difference from traditional thriathlon consists in overcoming bicycle distance on the crossed area.
  2. Duathlon. Here run between which distances the cycle racing settles down is twice used.
  3. Aquathlon. In this case on the contrary, athletes float necessary for distance twice.

Independently there is winter thriathlon where swimming is replaced with cross-country skiing. This discipline seriously applies for inclusion in the program of the winter Olympic Games and it is impossible to exclude opportunities that the winter thriathlon in popularity will compete over time with the summer fellow.

Here is the basic information about this curious kind of sport, subject only to comprehensively developed people. What is triathlon in sports, winter, summer, other variations of this sport, all this is reflected in this article. On this, I say goodbye to you, subscribe to blog updates, I look forward to your comments about this and other articles, up to speedy meetings!