What kind of an animal is this flatfoot
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What kind of an animal is this, flatfoot, and how to deal with it?

Good day, my dear readers! I’m glad to welcome you again to my blog. Today, I will discuss everything you need to know about flatfeet. Flatfeet are usually painless, but there are some cases where it brings discomfort to a person. Because of this, I will also share with you some basic methods you can try at home to treat flatfeet.

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What are flatfeet?

First things first, what are flatfeet? And how do we get it?

Flatfeet is also known as fallen arches. It is a condition when the arches of your feet are flattened, making the soles of your feet touch the floor entirely when you stand up.

This condition is normal among infants and toddlers because their foot arch is not yet fully developed. Foot arch develops as we age, but some people don’t.

Having flatfeet is common and normally painless, so it doesn’t need any treatment. But for those who feel pain and discomfort, flatfeet can contribute to problems on the ankles and knees since this can alter the alignment of the legs.

For those who are feeling pain because of their flatfeet, I will share with you some simple ways on how you can ease and lessen the pain on your own while staying at home.

Simple ways to treat flatfeet at home


Massage is necessary to improve blood circulation in the foot, knead problem areas, and reduce soreness.

If you do not have your family or friends nearby, then you have no choice but to do all the massaging by yourself. Don’t worry since this can be done alone.

Place your foot in a horizontal position. Secure it with the four fingers of your hand. With your thumb, start pressing from the heel, and then approach the fingers of your feet.

Do not press it hard at first. Movements should be smooth and gentle. When the foot starts to warm up, you can gradually increase the pressure and it won’t hurt that much.

Massage is an integral part of complex treatment, and it is impossible to fully cure flat feet without it.

There is an alternative option for an easy degree of flatfoot. This is a massage mat. You can buy a ready mat in the pharmacy, but you can do it yourself. To do this, you will need a hard terry towel and spruce needles. The towel should be spread and leveled. Put on the spruce needles in one row, so that there are no empty spaces. Cover with a second towel, secure on the sides dumbbell pullover. You can walk on it for 3-5 minutes every day.


Here’s a set of simple exercises you can carry out. The main rule is constancy, so you need to perform them every day, gradually increasing the time of classes.

  1. “I want to be higher”
    Starting position: the feet are parallel to each other, on the width of the shoulders.
    The essence of this exercise is to lift the socks and lower the back. Repeat 20-30 times.
  2. Ball
    Starting position: sit on a chair with a back.
    Roll the elastic ball from the fingers to the heel and back. If there is no ball, then you can use a rolling pin. The main thing is that the object is hard and easy to ride. Roll for 10-15 minutes.
  3. “Hands together, legs apart”
    Sit comfortably. Stretch your legs forward, resting them on your heels. And at the same time make rotational movements of the feet first inward, then outward. Do this 15 times in both directions.
  4. “To go it is impossible to be lazy”
    In this exercise, it is necessary to go on the apartment barefoot within 30 minutes at first on the external arch of the foot, and then on internal.
  5. Rifts
    One of the easiest exercises. It is necessary to stand up, straighten your back, and legs are shoulder-width apart. Smoothly roll from heel to toe and back. Repeat 10-15 times.
  6. Morning warm-up
    This exercise can be done right after you wake up in the morning, but you do not want to get out of bed yet. You just need to squeeze your toes, lock in this position for a few seconds, and unclench them. Do this for 10-15 times.
  7. “Can you take this with your feet?”
    The essence of this exercise is to lift various objects (pens, pencils) from the floor with your toes and move them to another place.


In addition to massage and exercises, it is necessary to carry out restorative measures and normalize your weight, so that the pressure on the foot decreases.

Here’s a diet plan you can try:

  • Exclude pastries, fat, and sweets
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits
  • For breakfast, always include porridge
  • In a day, it is necessary to eat not less than 50g of protein
  • Try eating 5-6 times a day in small amounts

Footwear for flatfeet

It is an integral part of home treatment. All shoes should be of high quality, your feet should fit in size, do not reap, and do not hang out. It will be necessary to buy orthopedic insoles. It is also advisable to make them especially for the impression of your foot.

What should not be done?

  • Avoid jumping and running, it not that will not help you and will only slow down the process of your recovery.
  • It is also not necessary to hope for a quick result after a couple of days of occupations.

After following all these precautions, the pain you have will leave in just a week. And as for the result of flatfoot treatment, all of course done in different ways, it will take an average of 3 months before the result is noticeable. But believe me, it’s worth it.

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Also, I would like to recommend you to go swimming and walk more on barefoot.

As you can see, treating adult’s flatfeet at home is quite realistic. The result is achievable.

After the course of different exercises, many notice that the pain and discomfort are gone, they can finally walk as long as they want without fatigue, and at night, they can finally sleep peacefully without any cramps.

So do not believe those who say that this is unrealistic. There’s nothing wrong with trying all these methods to cure your flatfeet, and your dedication is the only way for you to make it happen.

I will see you again soon on my next update! Please feel free to write your questions, wishes, and opinions in the comments. Do not forget to subscribe to receive the latest updates and share the article, too—if it turned out to be useful for you—with your friends, relatives, and acquaintances.


  1. I’m just curious, I don’t have flatfoot but I’m interested to know if this can be treated permanently?

Yes, it is possible to treat flatfeet permanently. There are several methods mentioned in this article that can be try at home, such as massaging the feet and exercising. Other people have also tried using arch supports and supportive shoes for continuous cure. For those experiencing with severe pain and discomfort, physical therapy can help. With continuous treatment, you can finally see good results and cure it permanently.

  1. Hi, I just found out that my flatfeet condition is worsening. I have myself checkup already and I also got the same advice of massaging and exercising to lessen the pain. It’s not a problem with me since I’m active in working out, but I just want to know if you have any suggestions on what shoes I can buy that I can use for while exercising. Thanks in advance for your suggestion. 🙂

I have included here in the article that it is best to wear shoes that fit exactly to your feet and has orthopedic insoles. You can try looking for athletic shops that has knowledgeable staff who can help you in choosing the right shoes for you. I don’t want to promote such brands, but I find Asics and Brooks as they are recommended by certified surgical podiatrist to use for people with flatfeet. I’m sure there are still others who are of good quality.