What to choose for a set of muscle mass protein or gainer
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What to choose for a set of muscle mass protein or gainer?

I am glad to welcome everyone who is now visiting me. Surely the vast majority of readers of this article are guys, and the exciting question is “a protein or a gainer for muscle mass”. If so, then you, friends, have come to the right place. I’ll tell you in addition what they are different in, in which cases are applicable and which is better of them.

I must agree with you that the question, or rather the choice of a sports supplement, is really difficult. After all, understand which of them will help to increase the dry mass on the body, and which one will not be so effective.


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You know, to answer which of these sports supplements will better help you gain weight, I can not. After all, the “profitability” of sports nutrition, so to speak, depends on many factors. What exactly – we’ll figure it out right now. Well, based on the following, the choice of “what is better” to do to you.




What is the difference?

To begin with, in order to understand why these two representatives of sports nutrition face forehead, we need to find out what they are different about.

So, the protein. I think that this is no longer a secret for anyone, so let’s drop the moment that this is the main building material for muscles.

Further. It contains carbohydrates and fats, but they are negligible. As we understand, protein is, roughly speaking, pure protein. But imagine that a lot of protein is necessary for mass gaining, and it should come not only from sports nutrition, but also from food: “sportspit” accounts for only 50% of the protein produced, the rest should be provided with food. But the fact is that excessive protein intake affects the functioning of the liver. Here is the minus. It seems sorted out.

Gainer. This supplement is not as well known as protein, but in sports it is quite popular. It is of two types – high-carbohydrate (where 75% is carbohydrates, the rest is proteins and fats), and high-protein (where 35% protein, 55% carbohydrates, and the rest fats).

Let you not be confused by the ratio of proteins and carbohydrates, seeming, at first glance, uneven, because the geyner is high-protein, and for some reason carbohydrates predominate. But the fact is that for 55% of carbohydrates 35% of proteins is a lot, so it turns out that the gainer is called high protein. But this is not so important.


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Obese people under the skin have what? No, not fat. Although now it is fat, but before that it was pure carbohydrates, and only then they became a subcutaneous fat as a reserve for a “rainy day” thanks to the body. And believe that even those 55% for fat people will be enough to gain not only muscle mass, but also fat.

I hope the minuses influencing the choice of the additive are clear?

Factors influencing the choice of a weight gainer or protein

So, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the type of physique. Agree that it would be strange if a man with an endomorphic type started taking a geyner that continues to increase his excess weight, even though the muscles will also grow. Therefore, the endomorph should be repulsed from the protein as the main method of mass gathering, and two other types can use both the geyner and the protein.

Although, again, the mesomorph is easily gaining mass, even unwanted. Therefore, the use of the heiner is recommended to dose it. But the thin ectomorphs can drink a heiner and protein, as they say, “even pour” – any subcutaneous fat will not be able to debug because of rapid metabolism.

That is, the protein can be taken to all types, but the geyner does not suit somebody at all, and some only partially.

The second is restoration. Gainer, if it is of high quality, restores damaged muscles “with a bang,” and also allows you to quickly restore the energy spent in training. Protein can not boast of such, because it is not able to make up glycogen, for example, which can be restored only by fast carbohydrates, which, in fact, is a geyner. What to do in this case, complete, endomorphic people? Just eat a small amount of sweet (fast carbohydrates) after exercise, for example, an orange. But also to drink “prot” do not forget! Read about the carbohydrate window.

That is, in terms of rapid recovery – the leader is leading. In addition, drinking it before training, on the training itself, you can work a little longer – carbohydrates are energy, which the protein can not provide.

Third, the price of the additive. I will say at once: a gainer of two (at best) times cheaper than a protein supplement. Such a price policy is based on the fact that it is easier to “extract” the basis of the geyner (maltodextrin) than the protein base, whatever it is (soy, egg, milk, whey). Therefore, the payer is cheaper, but, unfortunately, does not give enough protein, in contrast to protein.


mass gainer or protein

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My advice to you

Therefore, my advice to you. For fast, high-quality and trouble-free dialing of mass, get two additives at once – the geyner and protein, which perfectly mix with each other and complement each other. It turns out that you can get enough protein and muscles with energy to recover. That’s just for different types (Lord, again, these types of build), the physique of the ratio of the heiner and protein in one cocktail will be different.

I hope I helped you to decide what is best – a protein or a gainer for muscle mass. If you have something to say – I’ll be happy to “hear” you in the comments. I say goodbye to you. Share the article with your friends via social network. Network. Subscribe to the blog updates yourself. Successful recruitment.