Where is the meldonium

Where is the meldonium?

Good afternoon, dear readers. Surely, many of you regularly watch the news from the world of sports, and heard that recently, the sports community was shocked by a whole series of doping scandals. In the blood of athletes was discovered a prohibited drug meldonium, which you can freely purchase at any pharmacy.

Maria Sharapova was convicted of his use, the composition of the youth hockey team had to be changed, almost in full force, due to the presence of remnants of meldonia in the blood.





“What kind of a drug is this?”, You ask. Let’s figure out where meldonium is kept, why it is used by athletes, and in general “what kind of animal is it, and what does it eat?”


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Use in medicine

Like most drugs used in sports, meldonia is used in medicine as a medicine. If translated into Russian, gibberish for doctors, written in the instructions, it becomes clear that meldonia improves energy metabolism in cells, and protects the cells themselves from destruction, and it normalizes blood circulation.

If we recall the lessons of biology, then cells are built from the cells, and from the tissues – organs. Improving the work of cells, we improve the functioning of the whole body, entirely.

Apply meldonias, with diseases and conditions, when the nutrition of cells and tissues is disturbed. This is a comprehensive therapy for heart attack, coronary heart disease, ischemic stroke, eye diseases associated with circulatory disorders. He is appointed, for the speedy recovery of the body, after long, serious illnesses. It is also used for the treatment of hangover syndrome.

After all of the above, it may appear that meldonia, this is a real panacea, a miracle cure for all diseases, but here there are reservations. Its effect can be described as moderate, so it is only an assistant in the treatment of diseases, but a non-essential drug.

He also has his side effects, such as upset stomach and intestines, skin itching. In some people, it can cause emotional arousal, but all this is extremely rare, usually its reception is well tolerated.

It is forbidden to take meldonia to pregnant women, children under 12 years old, and people suffering from increased intracranial pressure.

Use in sports

We learned that meldonia improves the processes of energy metabolism and allows us to normalize the blood supply of tissues and organs. So why is it so loved by athletes? The fact is that all this, allows you to increase your stamina somewhat, make training more intense, and improve recovery. That’s why he took root in almost all sports, from athletics and tennis, to power triathlon and bodybuilding.



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Another important advantage, which has already been mentioned, meldonia is widely available twisting. It can be absolutely free, bought in any pharmacy, without a prescription. Most often, it can be found under the trade names “Mildronate” and “Cardion”, rarely come across “Idrinol” and “Medetern”. It is produced, as in tablets with a dosage of 250 and 500 mg, and in injections.

If you are doing sports for yourself, and decided to try the meldonia, to improve the result, I want to warn you immediately – do not expect too much from the drug. It will only give a little bit of stamina, and will help to better transfer the load. Meldonius is a kind, humble assistant, and will not achieve results for you.

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